How to Edit DIY Invitation Templates


How to Edit DIY Invitation Templates

I realize that when budgets are tight, the wedding stationary can often take the first cut. That’s why I want to offer fun and personal designs that you can tweak yourself, at a price you can afford. And of course you can always download my FREE printable wedding invitation and details card templates.

I put a lot of time into my templates and tutorials in an effort to make things as transparent as possible before a purchase is even made. My goal is to provide affordable and stylish templates that can be customized since I simply don’t have the time to customize every request I receive. I wish there was more time in the day! However, I have also received countless emails about how much people have enjoyed personalizing their own invites, and how much more special they are as a result.

I previously only offered flattened designs that you add your own text on top of, but I now offer editable PDF templates in my shop. This way you can easily change the sample text using the latest version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat. You can even download Adobe Reader here for free if you don’t already have it.

However, at this time I only have tutorials on how to add or remove text to the PNG templates with PicMonkey, as that’s how most of my free templates are set up. I plan to add a tutorial on how to edit the PDF templates in Adobe Reader or Acrobat in the future, and will link to that here once it’s available. You can also view my FAQ page for more information about the templates available in my shop.

If you plan to edit the PNG templates I would definitely recommend testing this out with one of my FREE wedding templates and following the tutorials below.

These are a couple tutorials I’ve written specifically on how to edit the DIY invitation templates with PicMonkey. I will update this page as new tutorials are added. You can click on the link or images below to be taken to post. 

How to add text to DIY Templates with PicMonkey:


How to delete elements on DIY templates with PicMonkey:


Side Note about saving files with PicMonkey:

Make sure that if you edit the template with PicMonkey that you SAVE the file and do not “Share” it.  I received an email from someone that was having issues saving the template with Picmonkey so she “shared” it with herself via email, which wound up compressing the file thus resulting in a smaller, lower resolution template. In other words, she had to re-edit the original template so that she could get it printed in high resolution.  You shouldn’t have issues saving the files, but PicMonkey can sometimes act wonky with certain browsers.