Do you plan to create a blog in 2017? I recently shared my messy blogging journey in a FREE ebook, which you can read more about here, and I wanted a place to share some of my favorite blogging resources.

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Favorite Blogging Resources

There’s a lot that goes into blogging, and I plan to share more info in the future, but for now here are a few of my favorite blogging resources.

Blogging Books and Training

Elite Blog Academy – Let me just say that Ruth teaches some AMAZING courses and I find all of her emails to be so inspiring! Her EBA course is only open once a year though, so it won’t be open until 2017. Even so you should visit her blog for amazing content and blogging resources.

ProBlogger – Darren has been blogging for YEARS and has tons of experience! He is one of my favorite blogging mentors and we listen to his podcast every week! If you’re serious about blogging you should absolutely check out his site, follow him on social media, and listen to his podcast. Just sayin’ 🙂

Fizzle – They have a podcast filled with helpful tips for entrepreneurs, and you can also sign up to get access to their online training videos. I personally love their honesty, humor, Star Wars jokes and impersonations, and I was originally convinced that Chase was actually Giovanni Ribisi, because he sounds just like him! By the way if you sign up from this link you can get a free 5 week trial of their online videos!

Building a Framework – This is THE guide to starting a blog! Not only that but Abby offers multiple package options, including videos and access to her exclusive Facebook group for bloggers. This is an awesome resource because you’ll immediately be able to connect with other bloggers from all different stages, and get some really great tips too! Did I mention she starting making 6 figures in just 2 years?!

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers – Tasha has made it her mission to figure out the best way to make an income using affiliate links, and it doesn’t matter how big or small your blog is either. She has an amazing Facebook group as well and shares all of the insider tricks for making affiliate links work for you authentically.

Amy Porterfield – I feel like I can listen to Amy’s inspiring podcasts all day (and sometimes I do!). She is an AMAZING resource for anyone wanting to create a life doing what they love. She has this way of making me feel calm, in control, and less stressed about my crazy, never ending, to-do list.

Where to Purchase a Domain Name

BlueHost (this is the easiest if you buy it with your hosting package)



Where to Purchase a Hosting Package

BlueHost – this is who I recommend if you’re just starting out and you can read my guide to setting up your blog in less than 10 minutes HERE.

DreamHost – I don’t have experience using them but I know they offer month to month plans

Where to Purchase Premium Blog Themes


Restored 316

Envato Market/ThemeForest

Newsletter/Email Marketing


Additional Blog Goodies

Envato Market

Creative Market

Photo Editing

Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom (I have the Creative Cloud)


Free Stock Photo Resources:


Negative Space



Design Resources:

Adobe Creative Cloud

Envato Market

Creative Market

Design Cuts

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