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This week we’re touring a renovated RV with a black, white, and gray color scheme that’s anything but boring! It’s a beautiful blend of modern, industrial design and the bathroom is creative and inspiring!

Modern Industrial RV Renovation

After trying to decide where to set down roots, Kelly and Andy of Us 3 + the RV, realized they weren’t quite ready to commit to one place.

While they had considered traveling it wasn’t until divine intervention stepped in that they realized there was no better time than the present. They embraced the challenges that came their way and now travel in their renovated RV along with their adorable pup, Stranger.

Tour this modern industrial RV Renovation from Us 3 + the RV! Featured on

Tour this modern industrial RV Renovation from Us 3 + the RV! Featured on

Tour this modern industrial RV Renovation from Us 3 + the RV! Featured on

I love that they are quirky, creative, and have a sense of humor, which is easy to see when you scroll through their Instagram feed.

Tour this modern industrial RV Renovation from Us 3 + the RV! Featured on MountainModernLife.comWhat kind of RV do you have?

2005 Class A R-Vision

How often do you travel?


Who do you travel with?

My husband, Andy and our Pup-Child, Stranger

How would you describe your decorating style?

Modern, industrial and cheap!  I hate to spend money.  I just shop around the gram for design inspo and head to the thrift stores for some diy magic.

Tour this modern industrial RV Renovation from Us 3 + the RV! Featured on

Slide over the image to see the before.


Tour this modern industrial RV Renovation from Us 3 + the RV! Featured on

How long did it take you to remodel your RV/Camper?

2 weeks the first time… while traveling on our “honeymoon” and boondocking in parking lots during one of those crazy TX heat spells… we were so hot and didn’t want to spend money on real tools (since we had some back in our storage unit in Ohio) so we did the entire reno with 1 tiny handsaw and 2 packets of sandpaper…  it was miserable- but we got it done and surprised our first guests on the road with our (what we thought back then) amazing new remodel 🙂

The second reno took place this past winter.  We were home visiting family for the holidays and luckily had a driveway to stay parked in so we could renovate with real tools and a controlled temperature… while not living in it.  This time it took us 3-4 months in total to finish but we did a complete tear down, rebuild on it.

How much did you spend on the renovation?

Ooph… the first or second time? 😉  Lets just say way too much!  I think somewhere around 7K in total but we bought the RV from family and scored an amazing deal on it so we didn’t mind spending some cash.  Also needed a new fridge and hot water heater so bye bye $3,000 right there.

Did you do everything yourself, pay a professional, or do a mix of both?

Nope all DIY!  Andy actually was working for a friend doing home remodeling while we were docked in Ohio.  He would get off work and before he could take his toolbelt off I was ushering him out to the RV to fix whatever project I had impatiently tried to complete solo.

Paint Colors Used?

Our color scheme is brown, black, grey and white.  I just love this classic color scheme.  We tried to make blue cabinets happen- on both renovations but I just couldn’t do it… black is too beautiful to me.

If you updated the flooring, what kind did you use?

We used luxury vinyl planks from ‘Floor Décor and more”.  We spent $600 on the first floor renovation and it looked great but then we accidentally overflowed our grey tank while boondocking and the floors were submerged in water!  Not the best day ever but we dried a lot of the flooring out and what pieces we couldn’t save we just pitched and purchased new, I think it was about $200 additional so $800 for the floor total.

What is your favorite project or piece of decor and why?

Probably our tub.  It’s a stock tank tub used for feeding horses.  It was about $80, came straight from Amazon (the delivery guy even laughed the entire way as he carried that tub from his truck to our motorhome).  It was a massive undertaking but in the end, its our show stopper and it makes me happy every day… also great to hold stuff while we travel.

What was your least favorite project and why?

The plumbing!  We STILL are having issues with our plumbing… which is a great lesson for anyone wanting to renovate their rv, or any home for that matter, some projects should be left to the professionals. We should have just left the plumbing to a plumber… I would give my left elbow to not have to deal with these leaks anymore.

What was most challenging about your renovation?

Probably the never-ending search for the leak that caused the need to renovate in the first place.  We seriously looked everywhere and have no idea where the water came from that caused the walls and floors to rot… so we renovated and just cross our fingers and say our prayers that it holds.

What project made the most difference in the space?

Taking out the dinette!  Seriously so much more space and it gave us the area to create a cozy dining bar- which works much better for us.

What do you enjoy most about your space following the transformation? Is there a specific area you spend most of your time?

Laying on the bed in the back of the rig looking forward.  I love to see everything as a whole and the foot of the bed is so comfy to me.

Where’s your favorite place to shop for décor?

Cost Plus World Market.  I also love that there aren’t as many of them so when you stumble upon a town with one in it, we always make it a point to stop in.

What piece of advice would you give people starting an RV/Camper renovation?

I would say live in it for a while before you renovate.  You may think you want to do an overhaul and change the layout and this and that but until you live in it you won’t really know what you need.  I never thought I would have taken out the shower but once we started living and traveling in the RV  I realized how much I missed a bathtub.

What’s your favorite tiny home hack?

Ikea!  I am not in any way shape or form a fan of Ikea…. I like doing things no one does, I hate having furniture items other people have and I just am not a fan of their minimalism… BUT… for tiny homes… they run the town.  So cheap, so customizable and IKEA makes pieces specifically for tiny living so it’s an easy shopping trip.  Plus they have those cinnamon rolls!

What’s your favorite aspect of tiny living?

Not really a fan of having to get rid of our stuff… Andy had the biggest problem downsizing… but the trade off is we get to travel.  We get to travel and bring our home with us and that is priceless… who needs all those material possessions anyways?!

What is something you’ve learned in general or about yourself since going tiny?

We both have way too many articles of clothing.   We pair down and pair down and throw out and nothing ever changes.  Getting a shirt out of the cabinet is like a huge ordeal… one day we will get it sorted 😉

What has been your favorite place to explore so far during your journey?

We had an interesting time exploring The Keys.  We worked down there just after Hurricane Irma hit so in a way we were like first responders.  It wasn’t glamorous or safe or livable when we reached.  Driving our big ol motorhome down those streets to Ramrod Key felt like playing a video game.  We were swerving and dodging trees, boats, garbage, virtually unrecognizable items were just spewed everywhere.  It was 2 months I will never forget and will always cherish.

What’s your favorite meal to cook in your tiny home?

Pot Pie.  It takes an hour and is easy peasy and it is the only thing I know how to cook. Andy does all the cooking so if he was to answer this he would say a ribeye.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

If you’re thinking about living the RV life… do it!  We have a million negative things to say about it but we have A ZILLION positively amazing things to say about it as well.

Thank you Kelly for sharing your awesome RV transformation with us!

Tour this modern industrial RV Renovation from Us 3 + the RV! Featured on

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You can find more photos of their awesome RV and learn what it’s like behind the scenes over on their Instagram page, or swing over to their website for more info on their projects and adventures! They also recently started a Pop-Up Bed and Breakfast, which is a fun way to enjoy glamping in some incredible locations!

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Tour this modern industrial RV Renovation from Us 3 + the RV! Featured on


Design Vibes: Tour this renovated camper from Us 3 + the RV!
Design Vibes: Tour this renovated camper from Us 3 + the RV!
Tour this Modern Industrial RV Renovation


  • Oh my gosh that bathroom!! (Also I love that Kanye quote! 😂)

    July 20, 2018
    • I cracked up when I saw that on Instagram! She must really love him 🙂

      July 22, 2018
  • I LOVE the mural in the bedroom! That’s amazing!

    July 21, 2018
  • I love all these makeovers you share. So inspiring. Can’t wait to dig into my redo

    July 22, 2018
  • traci maushund

    Hello glad to see bathroom tub.any advise I am remodeling right to start tub idea thanks traci

    March 19, 2019
  • Alyssa crosby

    Any chance the tub is less than 4 feet long?

    I love the look of it and we want to do the same thing in our Reno.

    Could you share the seller info?

    April 11, 2019
  • Rhonda

    Love the pictures!!! I am transforming a work shed then my camper. I can’T wait to post before and after pictures. The harDest part is getting in all your items. It definitly doesn’t work well on paper. You have to pysically be in the space and feel how mUch space you want around each item in that area.
    Pictures are best, cause certain materials work better in small spaces.

    April 15, 2019
    • I can definitely see what you mean and something can look small in the store and you get it back to your “tiny home” and all of a sudden it’s huge! Haha. I always keep my measurements handy on my phone just in case.

      July 17, 2019
  • Cheryl Nielsen

    Wow! That looks so lovely! Thanks for the great pics. I am sure that took a hell of the efforts and planning because my sister renovated her bathroom recently and she hired the bathroom remodel Concord CA team for the remodeling. They did vinyl flooring and changed the position of all the things. Made a floating vanity and a shower cabinet. That is truly a masterpiece like this is! I love the tub style very much.

    August 6, 2019
  • Adrienne

    I am loving your website! Any way to find out where they got the kitchen island cart?

    November 5, 2019

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