Tour this remodeled RV filled with lots of white, shiplap, and warm wood tones from @WilsonGrandAdventures! Featured on

Tour this remodeled motorhome filled with shiplap and warm wood tones

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Have you ever had an idea so crazy you think it’s a dream for someone else, believe it belongs in your imagination, or perhaps for someday far off in the future?

Today we’re taking a peek inside a beautifully remodeled motorhome that belongs to the Wilson’s, a family of four that chose to make a dream a reality.

I find their story both inspiring and encouraging and think you will too! They’re currently enjoying the adventure of a lifetime, and it all began with a crazy idea…


When Mandy mentioned renting their home, selling their stuff, and completely renovating an RV before hitting the road to travel, her husband, Aaron, did something few would expect, he jumped on board!

Sure they were walking into unknown territory and had to figure out the details, including how to be landlords, but it was a risk this family was willing to take.

Remodeled RV Kitchen

Mandy is the dreamer and Aaron is the doer, and together they have created a cozy home on wheels for their family. If your dream RV would include lots of shiplap and white balanced out with warm wood tones then you’re going to fall in love with this remodeled motorhome!

Modern RV Renovation

Not only is the design fresh, modern, and cozy but they also made modifications to make the layout work better for their family, including replacing the passenger chair with a second sofa, and switching out closet space for bunk beds. They even painted the exterior of their RV!

Remodeled Motorhome Tour

Family playing in snow outside of motorhome

Type of RV

33′ Damon Challenger

Reno Timeline

9 months but we have taken several long breaks


I have no idea, haha.

Were you inspired by anything specific?

Our only goal was as soon as we walked in it would look and feel like a home, not an RV.

What was most challenging about your renovation?

The majority of the renovation our RV was parked at a campground 30 minutes away. Driving back and forth took a lot of our time. Also, we were renovating in Florida in the summer.

What project made the most difference?

Definitely painting everything white! It made the space seem so much bigger.

Where’s your favorite place to shop for décor?

Home Goods, Marshalls, hobby lobby

Updated RV stairs

“I’m so glad I decided to transform our entryway with this design versus standard flooring or carpet. This is definitely in my top 3 favorite sections of the RV! As soon as you open the door, it feels like home!”

- Mandy @ Wilson Grand Adventures

before and after


“The original door opened to the front of the RV. It hit the oven, only had 3 shelves and was just not functional! So, we moved the doors to face the side of the RV, added 7 shelves, and made DIY custom storage boxes.”

- Mandy @ Wilson Grand Adventures

additional photos


Damon Challenger remodel

What’s your favorite tiny home hack?

I love DIY projects to make it custom to your space! We did this with our bar table and 2 couches.

modern motorhome remodel

What is something you’ve learned since going tiny?

I have no idea why we had so much stuff. Stuff we honestly never used!

RV kitchen inspiration

What’s your favorite aspect of tiny living?

Having less stuff has been amazing! No yard work has been so amazing too!

Renovated RV bunkhouse

What piece of advice would you give people starting a motorhome renovation?

Just jump in. Once you get going, it gets easier! Seeing progress also boosts your confidence.

Remodeled RV bathroom

Do you have any specific travel plans?

Our goal is 49 states and Canada in 2 years. We’re excited to start marking things off our list

Tour this modern yet cozy renovated RV filled with lots of white, shiplap, and warm wood tones from @WilsonGrandAdventures! Featured on

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Tour this remodeled motorhome filled with shiplap and warm wood tones


  • Cate

    How much weight did using real SHIP LAP on the walls and tiles in the bathroom add to the Wilson’s RV?

    February 10, 2019
  • C.kist

    Love the article, the rv,the design && reno, && the whole tiny home thing but it’s already a step ahead. Just so cute and very good!!

    February 14, 2019
  • Stephanie McGowen

    LOVE the bathroom shower! How did you get that design on the walls?

    August 17, 2019
  • Geri Pollitt

    EEEKKK… OMG…I am in the process of trying to locate a camper….maybe RV to renovate and live in in Florida for the winter months (live in IL currently) and I am self employed and work from home office and can basically work anywhere there is Internet and pin on Pinterest Daily and I love your RV!!!

    I’m also a single 55 year old woman trying to figure out how to make this all happen on a next to nothing budget with basically a part time job and still keep my tiny rental house bills paid too so I have a place to come back to lol..I’m living between the need to not spend any money and you only live once!!…BUT YOU HAVE INSPIRED ME WITH YOUR THRIFTY SENSE and style of your RV and made me think I can do this too by the grace of God and help from my family!

    I’m hoping if I keep praying God will make this happen for me!!!

    Safe Travels and absolutely LOVE your RV!

    August 27, 2019
  • Linda

    Was it tile on steps coming in?

    October 8, 2019

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