Blue + Pink Floral DIY Wedding Invitation & RSVP Card


Planning a whimsical or vintage-inspired wedding? Save money by personalizing this Floral DIY Wedding Invitation & RSVP Card with your own wedding details, and then print as many copies as you need.

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Blue + Pink Floral DIY Wedding Invitation & RSVP Card

This listing is for the printable Whimsical Floral DIY Wedding Invitation and RSVP card, which is perfect for a whimsical or vintage-inspired wedding.

The PDF Files included in this purchase can be edited with the latest version of Adobe Reader, which you can download for free here. However, the design elements and color cannot be changed.

These are digital files only, no physical items will be shipped.

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Floral Chalkboard – Pink, Floral Pink + Blue, Floral Chalkboard – Orange and Red, Floral Pink on Kraft Style Background

What's Included

This is an instant digital download for a zip file that includes high resolution single templates in PDF and PNG format, and then multiples per page in PDF and PNG format. This way you can either print directly on the paper size you need, or print and then cut out the templates.

Floral DIY Wedding Invitation & RSVP Card Templates:

5 x 7 Wedding Invitation

PDF & PNG Format – Single and 2 Per Page Set-up

There are 2 options included – One has “Reception to Follow” at bottom in the paid font so it is not editable and the 2nd option does not have this so you can customize the last line to whatever you want.

3.5 x 4.875 RSVP Card (two options)

PDF & PNG Format – Single and 4 Per Page Set-up

How to Edit

Editing the templates with Adobe Reader/Acrobat:

The PDF Files included in this purchase can be edited with the latest version of Adobe Reader, which you can download for free here. However, the design elements and color cannot be changed.

Again, the paid script font (Boho) is the only exception and none of that text can be edited, changed or deleted.

Otherwise, you can change the font, size and text color from the Properties Toolbar. If you are having issues locating the properties toolbar from your menu then you should be able to bring it up using Command + E (on a Mac) or Ctrl + E (on a PC).

The free font (Montserrat) may show up on your computer, or it’s possible it could be replaced with another font you already have installed on your computer. For this reason you may want to open up the template first before determining if you need to download and install it.

Editing Tips Often Overlooked:

I currently don’t have any tutorials on editing the files with Adobe Reader, but a couple things you may want to keep in mind:

If you see a black (+) show up inside a text box, reduce the font size or change the font type and that should go away.

If you are having issues editing a specific text box or adding text to it, delete EVERYTHING inside it first.

From there you can add your own text back and can edit the fonts, sizes and spacing within the properties toolbar. To do this just make sure the properties toolbar is open using Command + E (on a Mac) or Ctrl + E (on a PC). You need to have this toolbar open to make changes to the fonts, sizes and spacing.

If you’re unable to type all of your text in the box, you may need to change the font type or reduce the font. You can often re-adjust the font size or type afterwards.

From the properties toolbar you can select the font type and size or click on the “More” tab followed by the “Paragraph” Tab to change the spacing either above or below certain text, in addition to the left or right. You can also change the alignment of the text from this area.

I plan to add a tutorial for this in the near future, and most people already know how to use the property toolbar but I like to mention these things for those that are not familiar with it.

Prefer to Edit the PNG templates?

The PNG templates included are essentially flattened designs that you can add your own text on top of, but none of the text or design elements can be moved, edited or deleted, and the colors cannot be changed. Although sample text is not included, you can add your own details with photo editing software or at You can view my tutorials for adding or removing text with PicMonkey here. You can also download and use or test one of my free DIY invitation templates first to see if you are comfortable editing this type of template before you purchase.

Fonts Used

There is a paid font and a FREE font used in this set. The paid font (Boho) is the script text and it cannot be changed, edited or deleted on the templates. However, the free font (Montserrat) can be changed on the templates. This way you can still enjoy the beautiful, whimsical paid font without paying extra for it since it is locked and un-editable on the templates.

If you would like to purchase the paid font for additional wedding stationary or other use I will include the link below, but it will show up on the templates (un-editable) as you see it on the sample images. So you don’t need to download or purchase it for the templates to show up as you see them in the sample photos.

Here are the download links for the fonts used:

FREE font –Montserrat (in all caps)

Paid Font – Boho Script



Please Note that these will need to be printed on white or ivory paper as the text is not white ink, but the paper showing through. 

Due to the amount of ink on these templates, it is not recommended you print from home. However, you can send it to an online printer or local print shop like Office Max, Kinkos, Staples, etc. and can print as many copies as you like.

You are essentially printing the background color onto white paper so the white text is not white ink, but the white paper showing through the background ink color. For example, if you use ivory paper then the text would be ivory, if you use pink paper the text would be pink, etc.

Most print shops don’t have the capability to print white ink and those that do are usually more expensive.


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