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MML Membership All Access Pass

$20.00 for 1 year

Join the MML Membership and gain instant access to our entire digital designs library! That’s over 100+ files!

If you plan to purchase more than 2 templates this membership is more than worth it, and is even less expensive than purchasing some our wedding invitation sets alone!

You can see what’s included here.



Do you love digital designs that you can easily print from home, or take to your local print shop? When you become an Exclusive MML Member you'll instantly gain access to our entire library of digital designs and Printables!

Do you love digital designs that you can easily print from home, or take to your local print shop? Maybe you’re looking for designs you can frame, labels to help you get organized, designs to add to signs, mugs or pillows, or templates you can customize for an event such as a wedding.

Wanna see what’s included? Click here to browse the files currently available! You can also visit our FAQ page here

If any digital files are added to the plan during your 12-month membership, you will gain access to those too!

This is a one-time payment for 12-month access, no extra monthly fees or automatic renewals.

This Membership includes the Personal License, meaning all designs are for personal use only, such as in your home or for personal events with friends and family. You can find the terms of our License Agreements here. If you would like to use our designs for your business please contact us directly for more information on purchasing an extended license.

Your membership will automatically cancel once the 12 months is up. Feel free to contact me with any questions before ordering!

Yes, gimme my membership!


  • What's included in the Membership?

    When you become a member you’ll gain instant access to over 100 digital files, and you can see what’s currently included here. 

    You’ll also gain access to any files added to the Plan during your 12-month membership.

    The only exclusions are our Exclusive SVG files and Extended License Agreements, which are not included but are available at a discount for members only.

    This Membership includes the Personal License, meaning you can use these designs in your home or for personal events with friends and family. If you would like to use our designs for your business please view our extended license options or contact us directly for more information on purchasing an extended license for a specific design.

  • How much does it cost?

    The Membership is currently $20 for 12-month access but is subject to change as more designs are added.

    Members also receive 15% off Exclusive SVG files and Extended License options.

  • Can I purchase your Designs individually, without a Membership?

    Absolutely! I wanted to offer the flexibility to change out designs, or mix and match invitation sets for one low price, so the membership pays for itself if you planned to purchase more than one print, or an invitation set.

    Don’t forget you’ll have access to our shop for the next 12 months!

    While I can’t guarantee specific designs will be added and at what time, I will be using the feedback you provide from our member’s survey to deliver the types of designs YOU are looking for!

    Sign up today and start downloading the designs you want immediately! This is a massive discount versus purchasing items separately!

  • Can I sell or share the designs?

    All designs include the personal license, meaning you can use these files for personal use only, such as in your home or for personal events with friends and family.

    Re-selling or Re-distributing our Digital Files is strictly prohibited.

    However, if you’re looking to use any designs for your small business, then you’ll need to purchase an extended license. Currently, only specific files have an extended license available, but if you have any questions about a different design and licensing options, you can send me an email.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

  • How can I download files or access my account?

    To download the files you want you will first want to log into your account. You can then browse our shop like usual, but will notice any items included in the Membership will be “$0”. You can add those items to your cart and when you checkout there will be no added cost and it will show the amount as “$0”.

    You can then download the files from the order confirmation page, and an email will automatically be sent to you within a few minutes. Be sure you are viewing the email as “html” and if you don’t see the email be sure to check your junk/spam/promotions folder.

    You can also access your downloads at any time by logging into your account. When you navigate to the “My Account” tab, you’ll see your Dashboard, where you can view your orders, downloads, wishlist, and update your information.

    Some of the downloads are PDF format and include a link where you can download the files. This is due to the large file sizes. Other downloads will be in zip format, which you will need to unzip/decompress to access the folders inside.

    Most computers won’t require any additional software to unzip or decompress a zip file. In most cases, all you will need to do is double-click it, but depending on your operating system you may need to download additional software. I recommend googling “how to unzip file on (your type of computer/operating system)”. That should bring up some more information on how you can unzip a file on your specific operating system.

    However, to prevent file sharing (which is strictly prohibited) you will only be able to download the files a maximum of 3 times, so please make sure you store them somewhere safe.

    With that said, if you need assistance downloading after this, or can’t access the files for some reason, please email me and I’ll be happy to send you the files directly.

  • How do I edit the DIY templates?

    How to Edit the DIY Templates

    The PDF Files included in the DIY template listings can be edited with the latest version of Adobe Reader, which you can download for free here. However, the design elements and color cannot be changed, with the exception of the font color you edit.

    Each listing will specify what can and cannot be edit on the templates, and a “Read Me” file will also be included with editing tips and font information.

    Watch the Video:

    You can watch my video on how to edit the PDF templates here.

    Tips for editing DIY templates with Adobe Reader/Acrobat

    You can change the font, size and text color from the Properties Toolbar. If you are having issues locating the Properties Toolbar from your menu, then you should be able to bring it up using Command + E (on a Mac) or Ctrl + E (on a PC).

    A Couple Tips Often Overlooked:

    If you see a black (+) show up inside a text box, reduce the font size or change the font type and that should go away. If you’re having issues editing a specific text box or adding text to it, delete EVERYTHING inside it first.

    From there you can add your own text back and can edit the fonts, sizes, and spacing within the Properties Toolbar. To do this just make sure the Properties Toolbar is open using Command + E (on a Mac) or Ctrl + E (on a PC).

    You need to have this Toolbar open to make changes to the fonts, sizes, and spacing.

    If you’re unable to type all of your text in the box, you may need to change the font type or reduce the font. You can often re-adjust the font size or type afterwards.

    From the Properties Toolbar, you can select the font type and size or click on the “More” tab followed by the “Paragraph” Tab to change the spacing either above or below certain text, in addition to the left or right. You can also change the alignment of the text from this area.

    You can actually see how the PDF templates are editable by downloading the free PDF menu in this post. Although the PDF menu templates in my shop consist of one large text box so that you can format the text the way you want and are not stuck to only using a specific number of lines.

    Prefer to Edit the PNG or JPG templates?

    Some of my older templates also include PNG or JPG files that are essentially flattened designs that you can add your own text on top of, but none of the text or design elements can be moved, edited or deleted, and the colors cannot be changed.

    Although sample text is not included, you can add your own details with photo editing software or at a website such as You can view my tutorials for adding or removing text with PicMonkey hereand you can download one of our free templates to test this on here.

  • Can the color be changed?

    The color on the DIY templates and printables cannot be changed. Well…. not really. They come as flattened templates where design elements cannot be moved or deleted and the color cannot be changed. However, if you are familiar with Photoshop or other image editing software you could technically change the color of my templates in that program. Otherwise, they come in the color you purchase.

    The only color that be be changed is the text that is editable on the PDF templates.

    SVG files, on the other hand, are editable vector files that allow you to change the color, as long as you have the appropriate editing program, and you can also scale those designs up or down.

    While custom orders are not included in this membership, you can contact me for a quote on customizing a design in a specific color.

  • Printing Tips

    You are free to print as many copies as you need, and can print from home or send to an online/local print shop. Ink colors can vary greatly depending on the printer used, and may appear different from what you see on screen. For that reason, I cannot guarantee that your printer will deliver true-to color results.

    I recommend using medium to heavy cardstock, which you can find online or at local office supply or craft shop.

    Side Note: If printing professionally, please be sure to specify that you DO NOT want the files scaled to fit, unless you don’t mind if the files are scaled down about a quarter of an inch. I have found that some local print shops do this unless you specify otherwise.

    Printing Chalkboard Templates:

    Due to the amount of ink used on chalkboard templates, it’s not recommended you print from home. However, you can send it to an online printer or local print shop like staples, Office Max, Kinko’s, etc. and can print as many copies as you like. You are essentially printing the black ink onto white cardstock so the white text is not white ink, but the white cardstock showing through the black ink. For example, if you use ivory cardstock then the text would be ivory, if you use kraft cardstock then the text would be the kraft color, etc.

    Most print shops don’t have the capability to print white ink and those that do are usually more expensive. So you basically can’t print on colored cardstock and expect the text to be white.

    Printing Double-Sided

    If you are taking your files to a professional printer you may want to ask them first how they want the files set up for double-sided printing before you edit the templates.

    I would definitely recommend test printing the templates before printing an entire batch. In fact, I would even test print the file BEFORE you add your customized text to it. This way you can decide before hand if it will be easier to print with the 2 per page template, or directly on the exact paper size. In my experience, printing on the exact paper size is easier. You can cut your cardstock to size or can purchase it pre-cut in the size you need.

    If you are printing using the 2 per page template, keep in mind that paper can sometimes shift in the printer and this can cause them to be slightly off. So unless you have a double-sided printer or your test prints turn out perfect, printing on the exact cardstock size will likely be an easier option.

    Plan to print the Editable DIY templates professionally? Read this first!

    If you are printing from home, the computer that has the fonts installed, or editing the PNG templates, then you can ignore this section.

    The fonts included in some of my older DIY templates cannot be embedded into the PDF documents, which means the computer you print from will need to have these fonts installed in order for them to show up correctly.

    Basically, all this means is that if you plan to take the files to a professional print shop they will not have these fonts installed on their computers, and the templates will not print correctly. Don’t worry though because there’s an easy way to save or convert the files so that they will show up and print just as you have them set up.

    First off, if you are using Adobe Acrobat Pro then all you have to do is go to File –> Export to –> Image. From there you will want to select “JPG” and check the “settings” button before saving to make sure you have the quality set to Maximum and the Resolution to 300/pixels/inch. You can also make these setting changes under “Preferences”.

    However, if you’re using a FREE version of Adobe Reader to edit your templates, then you will need to do the following to ensure the files are print-ready:

    Making your Template Print-Ready on a PC

    The easiest way to make your PDF print-ready on a PC is to install the program “CutePDF” as this will allow you to “Print as a PDF” from your printer settings screen. This will convert your file into a flat PDF that is no longer editable. You will know it worked when you open your file back up and can no longer make edits. For this reason you may want to save this as a different name then the editable version.

    Click here to download CutePDF for free.

    You can click on the free download on the top right side of your screen and can ignore the additional download links for the converter or Ghostscript because the main download (Ver. 3.1) will prompt you during install if you want to install these items (which you will want to do). However, you will want to say no to the first two pop-ups during install asking if you want to install additional apps.

    Making your Template Print-Ready on a Mac

    Mac Option 1:

    The easiest way to make your PDF print-ready on a Mac is to “Print as a PDF” from your printer settings screen. This will convert your file into a flat PDF that is no longer editable. You will know it worked when you open your file back up and can no longer make edits. For this reason, you may want to save this as a different name then the editable version.

    Mac Option 2:

    Another way to save the file is using the Mac Application, Preview.

    After you have saved the templates with your personalized information you will want to open the PDF documents in the application “Preview”.

    From there go to FILE -> Export and then select JPG as the format. Make sure the Quality is set to “highest” and change the Resolution to “300” pixels/inch. You can then send the converted JPG files to the print shop and they will print as you see them on your computer.

    This may seem confusing, but it’s actually easier than it sounds. However, if you have any questions about this feel free to contact me and I can do this for you.

  • I have a question not answered here

    Send me an email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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