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Something Amazing is Going to Happen Today

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Eric and I are getting ready to leave on our one-year RVing adventure, so to say it’s crazy town over here would be an understatement.

Can you believe we leave in less than 3 weeks? Yikes! I feel like time just keeps flying by and my to-list isn’t getting any smaller, and I’ll admit that I’ve been battling anxiety for a while now. Not for our actual trip, but for everything we need to finish before it happens.

The last month and a half has probably been the most difficult simply because we’ve had so many life events going on that it’s been difficult to make time for projects we probably should already have finished. Woops.

You can watch a quick video Eric made just last week showing the state of our RV (this is kind of embarrassing):

For those that know me personally, know that I truly believe we create our own reality and that our thoughts have a huge impact on how we feel, and the outcome of our day to day lives.

Knowing this, I still struggle with keeping my thoughts in line and trying not to panic or feel like I’m letting someone down by not creating enough, posting enough, being present enough, and so on.

Let’s face it, life isn’t perfect, I’m not perfect and my projects certainly aren’t perfect. I am constantly worried about what people think of me or what I’m doing, and mainly that I’m not doing enough.

Get inspired by downloading a printable version of this quote that says "Something Amazing is Going to Happen Today"!

Eric and I are always trying to learn how to manage our thoughts and stay present, but it’s something we practice every day.

This was especially the case when I was first diagnosed with CRPS and quickly became aware of the power of our own consciousness. That was the first time I really witnessed how much power our thoughts have.

Not to get off on a tangent, but I just wanted to let you know that if you’re dealing with stress or anxiety because of your current situation, take a deep breath and let go of it for the moment.

Bring your attention to this moment and remember that when you bring your awareness to the present, nothing else matters because that stress, anxiety, and worry can only live in the past or future.

Then think about 3 things that happened this past week that you are grateful for that have brought joy into your life. You’ll quickly find yourself feeling lighter, happier and for that moment none of the things you are stressing about matter. Then when you find your thoughts slipping into the negative again, just bring yourself back to the present.

It’s amazing how thoughts make us feel, isn’t it?

I’m sure I sound like a crazy person to some of you, but this is an exercise that has always helped me, and yet sometimes I need a gentle reminder to continue practicing it. I guess writing this down is just another reminder to myself, but I also wanted to share it in case anyone else is going through something similar.

And I’m curious, Do you practice being present?

Something Amazing is Going to Happen Today

I’ve created this printable with the inspiring quote “Something AMAZING is going to happen today“, which you can now purchase in my shop and instantly download. I wake up thinking this and it helps me stay positive and know that amazing things ARE going to happen today. Every Day.

Sharing one of my favorite quotes, "Something Amazing is going to happen today" - Download this digital printable as a reminder of the awesome things coming your way! #MountainModernLife

UPDATE: You may have seen a smaller version of this design hanging in our RV if you follow us on Instagram.

Sharing one of my favorite quotes, "Something Amazing is going to happen today" - Download this digital printable as a reminder of the awesome things coming your way! #MountainModernLife


I also created a smaller 5 x 7 version with a white background so that you can easily print it from home. It’s set up as 2 per page so that you can keep one for yourself and give the other one away 🙂 Enjoy!



There are so many ways to manage stress and anxiety and this is just one of them. We’d love to hear your thoughts and tips in the comments below!

Something Amazing is Going to Happen Today


  • Debby Richardson

    Last September I was diagnosed with cancer, which I almost died from. Since being out of the hospital, I noticed myself also having more stress in my life and anxiety attacts, yes it brings me to tears a lot which this also causes depression.
    The ways I get through them is 1. Keep a dailey journal of all that I do on the homestead, private thoughts, how I’m feeling that particular day and last but not least my plans to move to the mountains myself but first pay off bills then save up for my new house.
    I also try to stay as busy as possible to get my mind off of my illnesses, yes I have other illnesses besides cancer. I try to engulf myself in my homestead work and small projects that I can handle myself since I am divorced and have no man in my life.
    I just have to make sure I rest a lot and do take time for me, there are days I sit on the screen porch and write or just do nothing or sleep to rest since I am still recuperating trying to get my strength back from this cancer, chemo therapy and being so ill.
    I have my bad days and I have my good days, more good days lately than bad.
    When I feel anxiety hitting me, I take a deep breath and tell myself it will be all right, these chores will get done eventually when I feel like doing them. I am not going to push myself or hurt myself, tomorrow is another day things can get done.
    You know what it’s true I have gotten a few things done here and there and things are slowly getting done around here.
    Just take each day as it comes and follow your instincts. If one day you don’the feel like doing anything and need a little you time, go find a secluded spot and spend time with you and your thoughts just be alone, away from it all at times. This also helps me also.

    June 20, 2016
  • Michelle pereira

    I’m enjoying your blog. It’s nice to see an enthusiastic young couple working together and enjoying your life.i wish you success with your renovations and that your wife keeps her spirits up in regard to her health difficulties. She has a great attitude that will be helpful to anyone reading this blog. Take care and carry on!

    June 21, 2016
  • Shannon Lacy

    Hello, I just stumbled on your blog and find it full of inspiration. We have a cute little RV and I love making it our own .Thank you for the great Ideas. Have you been to Woodland Park, CO?

    December 13, 2017

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