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There are several DIY chalk paint recipes out there and I felt it was time I post the recipe that I use: 1 Part Plaster of Paris + 1 Part HOT Water + 3 Parts Paint. This recipe is super easy and won’t break the bank either.


DIY Chalk Paint Recipe

I create a lot of custom paint colors so when creating a homemade chalk paint recipe, I will make sure to mix enough of the custom color FIRST before turning part of it into chalk paint. This way I have the custom color available if I run out and need to quickly whip up another batch of chalk paint. I store the chalk paint in mason jars or old pickle/spaghetti jars and stir it up before using again. Sometimes I may need to add a little water to thin it out a bit first.


I use a plastic 1/3 measuring cup to do all of my mixing and will usually double or sometimes triple the recipe to ensue I have enough to use on the project I’m working on. The best tip I would give is to make sure you add scalding HOT water! I leave the hot water running for a few minutes before adding it. By doing this it will practically melt the Plaster of Paris and then when you stir it up the consistency will be very smooth. The last thing you want is gritty chalk paint.

This is the recipe I use on all my furniture projects and it works pretty well. Here are a few pieces I have painted with it:

Chevron Accent Table


Kids Dresser


Beach inspired coffee table{s}


Have you made DIY chalk paint before and do you prefer the “real” stuff over the homemade versions?