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Eric recently put together another short video, showing our Tiffin motorhome renovation progress.

Renovation progress can sometimes seem slow, especially if you can only tackle projects in your free time or have to deal with supply issues. I hope this video shows you’re not alone with setbacks in your own RV reno, and that any progress is a step in the right direction.

Since his last update, he was able to recover all of the air ducts with 1″ foam insulation while also patching all the spots where new insulation was needed by using a mixture of 1 and 2″ foam, depending on the situation. He also removed the remaining ceiling panel pieces stuck between the motorhome roof and the exterior walls (this was one of the most tedious and time-consuming parts of the demo). As we progress, we have a few minor fixes before installing the new ceiling panels and tongue and groove planking.

In case you’re new here, my husband and I spent 4 years (from 2016-2020) as full-time RVers. You can read about why we stopped RVing here or see what our RV looked like before we our re-reno demo here.

Watch our Tiffin Motorhome Renovation Progress video below:

If you have any questions, or want us to dive deeper into anything specific during our next motorhome renovation progress video, just let us know.