The best RV Facebook Groups to join when planning a camper renovation

If you’re planning an RV renovation, chances are you’re trying to absorb as much information and insight as possible. At least, that was the case when we began our RV renovation back in 2015.

Unfortunately, resources were limited back then so most of our projects were figured out along the way through a lot of trial and error.

Thankfully, I was able to gain some knowledge and ask for guidance in RV Facebook groups (this was before Pinterest and Instagram gained momentum in the RV reno sphere).

While there were only two main Facebook groups focused on RV renovating back then, the good news is several groups have since been created to encourage and inspire your camper remodel. Not only are these groups an amazing source of inspiration, but they provide a sounding board to bounce ideas and ask questions.

The Best RV Renovation Facebook Groups

I’ll link to some of the most popular RV Renovation groups below, which you can then request to be added to. Once you’ve been invited to the group be sure to read the rules for each group as they can vary from one to another in regards to what you can post. Some also include additional resources under the “files” tab.

Best RV Renovation Facebook Groups

One of my biggest tips is to search the group for keywords based on what you’re researching. You can search general topics, such as paint and furniture, or search specific products.

For example, if you’re researching specific flooring and want to see if anyone has used it before, you can search the group for related posts based on the type or brand and see if anything pops up. You can also keep it general by simply searching “flooring”.

And if you’re looking for fellow RV’ers with the same rig, you can search the group based on your RV manufacturer or model. This can be especially beneficial when looking for help with challenges related to your specific layout. You can then save any photos or posts you may want to reference later.

You may find that searching RV Facebook groups to be more beneficial than searching Google alone. They are another tool to add to your resource library.

Why Join RV Facebook Groups?

  • You can research RV renovation topics and products
  • Find before/after photo inspiration from fellow RV’ers
  • Discover new renovation and product resources
  • Opportunity to save photos/posts to reference later
  • Ability to ask questions and learn from others
  • Share photos, tips, and advice from your own renovation

In my experience, RV’ers in these groups tend to be super helpful and love sharing information and resources. However, keep in mind that the information is often based on opinion so you will likely find varied responses. Even so, the responses and information may point you in the right direction or help you feel more confident with your decision.

RV Renovation Facebook Groups

Here’s a list of the top Facebook groups to join when planning an RV renovation. Keep in mind that these are geared specifically towards RV renovation, but there are tons of other RV-related groups you may want to join.

1. RV Interior Ideas

2. RV Exterior/Interior Ideas

3. RV Renovations – The Virtual Campground

4. All Things Camper Renovating

5. RV and Camper Renovations

6. RV Decorating, Remodels, and Renovations

7. RV Interior Decorating Ideas

8. Wanderful RV Renovations (this is a group I recently created!)

Additional Resources:

Be sure to check out my eBook, The Nomad’s Guide to Decorating, for more RV decorating tips and inspiration!

I hope you find the groups above helpful, though I’ll admit they can become addictive when you’re in research mode… you’ve been warned!

The best RV Facebook Groups to join when planning a camper renovationThe best RV Facebook Groups to join when planning a camper renovationThe best RV Facebook Groups to join when planning a camper renovation