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How to Remove your RV Kitchen Stove

Before we purchased our RV, we created a comprehensive list of our wants versus needs. In the beginning we thought having an oven was top priority, but as our search (and research) continued, we quickly realized a convection oven would do just fine, especially once we found a motorhome that crossed almost everything else off our list.

With that said, once we were ready to begin our kitchen renovation we needed to figure out how to remove the stove top. This way we could also remove the old kitchen counters.

RV Kitchen Before |

If you need to remove the stove in your RV to set it aside, clean or replace it, rest assured that it’s a lot easier than you may think.

While we didn’t find any references to use for our specific stove, we did find this youtube video which helped us during this process.

For those that are new here, we recently left our sticks and bricks home to spend a year traveling in our RV, a 2008 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 32LA. You can read more about us here. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. View our full disclosure here.

How to Remove your RV Kitchen Stove

It’s important to note that all RVs are different, so while this is how we removed our stove top from the kitchen in our 2008 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 32LA, your’s may be slightly different. If you find yourself unsure of something, we’d recommend reaching out to your RV Manufacturer to ask them about best practices. 

Don’t forget to turn off your gas supply when working on items that use gas throughout the RV. We turned off the gas supply during our entire RV Renovation. 

While we didn’t get many photos during this process, we do have a quick video showing how we removed our RV kitchen stove:

Side note: If you’ve seen the reveal of our Tiny Kitchen Remodel then you’ll know we decided not to add an oven. The thing is, we’ve been in our RV for about four months now and can say our Convection oven is awesome. It cooks everything we need, and has allowed us to keep our cabinets for storage under the stove top. If you have a convection oven and haven’t used it, I’d recommend giving it a try before spending the time and money to add a stove top-oven combo. 

Tools Used:

Step 1: Turn off gas

I’ve already mentioned it once, but I will say it again. Turn off your gas supply.

Once your gas is turned off, it’s time to get started on removing your RV kitchen stove.

Step 2: Take the grill off

Next you will need to remove the grill that goes over the burners. For our model it was as simple as lifting up on the grill, this separated it from the plate that covers the underneath workings of the stove top.

Step 3: Removing the stove top plate

After you remove the grill top, you’ll need to remove the plate. This is what covers everything we need to reach, in order to remove the stove top.

Below you can see a picture of the plate removed, which was in need of some deep cleaning:

See how easy it is to remove your RV Kitchen Stove, in case you need to set it aside, clean it or replace it.

At first it was confusing trying to remove the plate above. There were no visible latches holding it in place. What we found is it’s held in place securely using pressure.

To remove it you’ll need to push in on the front of the plate, in turn pushing the entire piece shown above toward the back wall.

As we pushed, the front loosened and began to lift. Then it was a matter of lifting it up and off. It really was that easy, haha.

You should have the gas turned off, and both the grill and top plate removed. At this point we can see the inner workings of the stove top.

See how easy it is to remove your RV Kitchen Stove, in case you need to set it aside, clean it or replace it.

See how easy it is to remove your RV Kitchen Stove, in case you need to set it aside, clean it or replace it. MountainModernLife.comStep 4: Disconnecting gas line from stove top

Looking at the picture above you can see the plate has been removed. You can also see the wrench and vice-grip attached to the gas line connecting bolts.

I used the wrench and vice-grip to loosen the gas line connection. Once it was loose I twisted off the connecting nut the rest of the way using my fingers.

Now that we have a little guidance it doesn’t seem nearly as daunting right?

Once the gas line was detached I slid the it between the back opening underneath the counter top, which you can see in the picture above.

Step 5: Detaching the stove top from the countertop

The final step is to remove the screws that are holding the stove top to the counter. For our specific stove we had 4 screws holding it in place.

If you look in the back of the picture above you can see a ground line connected to the side of the stove top via a screw (it’s the white cable coming from underneath the counter top). The screw holding the ground in place is one that needs to be removed, also while looking at the picture you can see another one closer to the front of the stove.

We needed to remove those two screws, along with two others on the opposite side. Afterwards we were able to lift up on our stove top and remove it.

See how easy it is to remove your RV Kitchen Stove, in case you need to set it aside, clean it or replace it.

See how easy it is to remove your RV Kitchen Stove, in case you need to set it aside, clean it or replace it.

I mentioned earlier that Katie and I were removing our stove top because we were creating our own countertops. For this reason, made sure to pay close attention to the thickness of the counters, along with the size of the opening at this stage. It gave us a better idea of what materials would work.

Little steps like this helped us eliminate some of the headaches during the countertop making process.

We hope this post helps give you the confidence to remove your RV kitchen stove top. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for different ways to remove your RV kitchen stove, we’d love to hear them below.

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