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I’ve been on the lookout for some new curtains for our living room since our old ones are just a tad short in our new apartment.  After searching several stores for curtains longer than 84″ at a price I could live with, I came across this website on Pinterest about using tablecloths for curtains.

DIY Tablecloth Curtains

I LOVED the idea and found exactly what I wanted at Target! I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to put these babies up – even if that meant standing on the dining table rather than wait for my boyfriend to get home. Maybe not the best decision but my impatience got the best of me. We definitely need to get a step stool ASAP.

If you’ve been to Target recently you may have seen these in the holiday section:


I bought 3 of these tablecloths for less than $15 each (2 for one window and one for a window that isn’t that wide) and also purchased some curtain rings for less than $5. I already had some curtain rings but after putting the curtains up I wish I had picked up another pack. Also, at first, I thought I liked how the curtains puddled on the floor but may decide to hem the bottoms up a few inches later on. Not gonna lie… I probably won’t be getting to that until after Christmas 🙂

So here are some photos of my DIY tablecloth curtains all hung up – I love the texture they add to the room and will definitely be buying more tablecloth-curtains for our bedroom. Thank you Target and thank you Anne @ Hello Newmans!

Even though my curtain adventure has come to an end I still can’t get over how difficult it was to find curtains longer than 84″ {that are affordable}. It makes no sense. Anyone else run into this issue?