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I have a really great roundup of projects this week and am so excited to share them with you. Who knows…maybe you will be inspired to work on something over the long weekend. We are headed out on a road trip later to visit some family for memorial weekend and I’m so excited! The timing couldn’t be better either because my pops became really sick this past week and was in the hospital, which was really scary.

The good news is that he is doing much better now, was able to go home yesterday and I can’t wait to see him. Our plans for the weekend may need to be adjusted but I could care less about what we do as long as I get to spend time with those I love.  I will also get to see my brother, sister-in-law and the cutest niece in the whole world! Ashley, my sister-in-law, is super crafty and so into wedding planning that she could be a wedding planner herself. Good thing she’s my bridesmaid, haha.

We are supposed to be going over some wedding details and I feel so disorganized. There was so much more I wanted to have ready to bring with me and I still have so much to do before we leave tonight that I know it won’t all get done. How do mother’s do it?!?! I don’t have kids and don’t get enough sleep as it is because there just isn’t enough time in the day to do what I want. So kudos to all the mom’s out there and I may need some tips from you down the line. Until then, lets check out these 10 AMAZING DIY projects that I stumbled upon this week!

Friday Favorites: 10 AMAZING DIY Projects

1. Herringbone Dresser via The Golden Sycamore – Although this project was completed back in 2012, it is just gorgeous, as are all of Allison’s projects! {She definitely deserved to win the trip to Lucketts via Hometalk, lucky gal!} So this past week I was searching for ideas and inspiration on painted herringbone furniture, because I have a very boxy dresser that I’m looking to spruce up and give some character. I LOVE this dresser and just looking at it makes me want to get out some paint and start on my own project. Too bad I still have laundry, cleaning, taking Bailey to get her nails clipped, packing, boooooooo.

styled blue herringbone dresser

2.  DIY Driftwood Fish via The Space Between  – I love driftwood and the first time I saw this photo I was in love. The texture, the colors, the beachy-ness. I want one!


3. Little Honeybee Dresser via Sophia’s – Kristen does some really amazing work and this dresser is just one of her many projects that I love. In fact, she is the one that inspired my stenciled plant stands.

before and after painted dresser

3. Bicycle Wheel Clock  via Thistlewood Farms – Karianne has soooooo many inspiring projects in her home that if she knew how much I checked out her blog, she would call me a stalker. Kidding. Kinda. Seriously though I love her work and her photos are beautiful. I’m working on a clock project now and was trying to figure out how to use different hands than those that come in the kits. She has a great tutorial and tells you exactly what you need. Not to mention those yardsticks are so cool! Too bad I used all mine up on my Mason Wall Jar Storage. I will be picking up some more soon.


5. DIY Summer Wreath via Confessions of a Serial DIYer – I have been all about wreaths lately and it’s still on my to do list. This summer wreath is so pretty and cost less than $10 to make!


6.  Duncan Phyfe Coffee Table Makeover for $5 via Fox Hollow Cottage – First off, you have to see the before photo of this table because looking at it now, I can’t believe it was only $5! This table is gorgeous and looks as though it was made for that room.


7. Ballard Inspired Rope Mirror via Made in a Day – Alright, Kim over at Made in a Day put my rope mirror to shame when she completed her own. This mirror is awesome and my favorite part is that bucket handle that it’s hanging from!


8. Small Antique Buffet via The Weathered Door – This small buffet table is so cute and I am really digging the colors.  She did a great job at repairing the top too!


9. Tea Cart Makeover via Orpahns with Makeup – I wish I had space for a tea cart in our tiny apartment because this one is so gorgeous! Well, maybe I will get lucky enough to find one to makeover and pretend I can keep it for a while, lol. The distressing was done perfectly and I just want to keep staring at this photo, don’t you?


10. Roadside Wildflowers Picked Fresh for the Home via Town N Country Living – I recently picked up a pitcher/vase that I want to re-paint and this photo caught my eye. I love the way the colors pop against the white vase and the fact that these were picked along the road AND she almost got arrested is just too funny. Luckily it was not illegal for her to be picking flowers off the side of the road and the flowers made it home safe so they could inspire us all in this beautiful photo!


Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!


  1. Hi Katie – Thanks for featuring my tea cart. Have a great weekend.


    1. I looked at a lot of different ones but yours really stood out. As for Bailey, yup she’s out pup and I probably should have specified that in the post, lol. It’s a good name for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for including my wreath with these incredible projects!! Hope you have a great holiday weekend:)

  3. Taking a break from all the purging and packing… the moving starts the end of next week! You always post the greatest ideas and when I get setteled… it will happen, right??!!… I plan on doing some projects for the new cottage. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.. yes, that baby WAS adorable. From such handsome parents, I wouldn’t expect anything else!

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