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So although the official start date of Spring was March 20th, it actually just started feeling like Spring in GA this past week (well aside from the tornado warning mid-week). I don’t know if any other states are having this issue but the pollen here has been crazy! It looked as if someone sprinkled pollen all over the parking lot, and when I went to dust off our dresser I was able to wipe off bright yellow specs. How so much pollen could come through our screened window and land on our dresser across the room is beyond me. I don’t remember it being this bad last year…

Anyway, I know I may be a bit late on the Spring train but with all this pollen floating around I am now feeling inspired to make a Spring wreath.  I’ll share my finished wreath next weekend, but in the meantime enjoy some of my favorite DIY spring wreaths that have inspired me to create my own. If you haven’t already, hopefully you too will be inspired to make your own spring wreath as well.



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