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20 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

With Easter upon us I thought it would be fun so share some of my favorite egg decorating ideas that I have come across. With so many crafting sites and inspirational photos at our fingertips, it’s time to dump the store-bought colored dyes and dive into some more creative egg decorating endeavors.

I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t decorated eggs in years but these photos have certainly motivated me to have some fun with eggs this weekend!

1. Sharpie Easter Eggs via Obviously Sweet  – Simple and Affordable, just use a sharpie and your imagination to create the look you want.




2. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs via Spoonful – we have all seen the melted photo artwork, but now it’s time to bring that idea to Easter eggs.



3. Onion Skin Dyed Easter Eggs via Scissors and Spoons – This may take a little more elbow grease but the results are really neat.



4. Graffiti Inspired Art Easter Eggs via Paper N Stitch Blog– Made with acrylic paints and a metallic pen.



5. Lace Patterned Easter Eggs via DIY til We Die – These are fairly simple to create and the outcome is so soft and pretty!



6. Washi Tape Easter Eggs via Lovely Indeed – These are fun and the colors and styles are only limited by the Washi tape you have on hand.



7. Decoupage Easter Eggs via Dizzy Maiden – You could use any leftover fabric scraps, magazine clippings, newspaper, etc. for these eggs.


8. Water Color Easter Eggs via Spoon Fork Bacon – Looooove the colors on these and they seem simple enough to do.



9. Fabric Covered Easter Eggs via BHG – Skip the paint and test out these fabric Easter eggs instead.


10. Sprinkle Easter Eggs via Studio DIY – This is a fun and simple way to decorate Easter Eggs and I’m sure kids would love to do this one. Who doesn’t love sprinkles!?



11. Mustache Easter Eggs via No. 2 Pencil – We can’t seem to get away from Mustaches and these eggs are no exception! If you don’t have vinyl tape you could always use a sharpie marker.


12. Gold Leaf Easter Eggs via Sugar and Charm – These look really cool and I love the texture of the gold leaf.



13. Silk Dyed Easter Eggs via The Magic Onions – These eggs are freaking gorgeous and there is no drawing required. Simply use silk scarves to transfer the patterns over. You could even use black and white scarves for a more subdued effect.



14. Bakers Twine Easter Eggs Landee See Landee Do  – The perfect Solution to decorating plastic eggs! You could even use yarn, thread, twine or rope.



15. Farm Fresh Easter Eggs via Joy Ever After – These are simple and pretty and all you need are some brown eggs and a white pen to do the trick.



16. Smashing Easter Eggs via Spoonful – I’m all about texture so it’s no surprise I think these eggs are cool.



17. Thumbprint Easter Eggs via Spoonful – If you or your kids like to doodle then this is a great idea – add your thumbprint to the egg and then create a picture out of it.

18. Red Queen Easter Egg via Family Go – I thought this one was pretty awesome and they even give you the template to download so you can cut out all the pieces you need.



19. Paper Napkin Easter Eggs via LRF – These remind of a shabby-chic/French country feel, but you can create whatever effect you want, depending on the napkins you use.



20. Chalkboard Easter Eggs via Oleander and Palm – And of course no Easter Egg Decorating list would be complete without the Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs!


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