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Today’s post comes from Alice who blogs over at Yorkshire Linens, and she is sharing some ideas on how to make decorating your bedroom fun. Enjoy!



I am Alice and I have a strong and pure passion for home decor and everything which either looks beautiful or can be made beautiful. Want to say hi? Here is where I can be found.

9 Ways to Make Bedroom Decorating Fun!

Does the idea of decorating your bedroom make you sigh with
resignation rather than look forward with anticipation? If you feel that
bedroom decor is a boring but necessary chore it is entirely possible
that you are going about it the wrong way! Here is how to introduce some
fun and verve into the process.

Think Laterally!

When it comes to your bedroom you can allow yourself some leeway to
think outside the box as regards your decor. Rather than simply
following trends blindly with little thought and no personal input do
things that please you. Try out inventive ideas: if they do not work, it
is easy enough to paint over errors and if they do work well you will
have your dream bedroom, secure in the knowledge that your bedroom is
one hundred percent unique!


Colour Me Happy

Choose colours that please you in the bedroom. If you do not think that
you have an artistic eye, there is a very easy way to tell if colours
will work well together or not; all you need is a colour wheel! Pick
your favourite colour and place it at 12 o’clock. All the colours
between 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock will harmonise with your favourite
colour. Any colours on the other half of the wheel, between 3 o’clock
and 9 o’clock will contrast with your favourite colour. For large decor
expanses use harmonious colours and pick out small touches in strong
accent tones that strongly contrast with your colour. If in doubt pop
into a hardware or D-I-Y store to check out their paint samples: this is
a great way to quickly see which colours do or do not work well
together and can help you pick the exact shade that you need.


Have a Little Fun with bedroom accessories!

Add fun touches to your bedroom decor rather than being too boring and
grown up. Few people will see your bedroom, and those who do will most
likely be aware of your innermost secret thoughts and beliefs anyway so
let your bedroom show your fun side! The best bedroom accessories can be found at Lombok because they are funky and appealing.


Bits of This and Bits of That!

Rather than opting to flood your bedroom with one fabric or colour, mix
it up a little, adding a patterned panel here and a swatch of florals
there. While sticking to one colour or design is recommended in order to
make the room look larger, this can sometimes backfire, and a breaking
up unrelieved expanses can work more effectively to give the room more
even and elegant proportions.


Get Arty

Bedroom walls are often left bare or just have one or two filler
pieces slapped onto them. Rather than buying meaningless prettiness for
your walls, invest in one or two original pieces of art. If you find
work by a promising young artist you may be able to buy some pieces
cheap and more than make your money back should they go on to achieve
fame and fortune! Failing that, smother your walls with family
photographs, mementoes and artworks that move you.


Colour Blocks

Plain wood can be a bit dull, so if your furniture is cheaper, mass
produced stuff, make it unique with a bright and cheerful coat of paint!
(Just a word of warning, do not paint antique furniture as you will
ruin it, costing yourself a potential fortune!) Invest in good quality
paint that clings evenly to the surface, drying to a smooth silky finish.


Bedroom decorating for All Seasons (bedspreads etc)

The bed is the most important feature in the bedroom, so make it look
good by investing in some brightly coloured bedding. There is a bedding
set for everyone these days, and a little research will help you to find
three or four bedding sets that are perfect for you. Having so many
sets will allow you to transform the appearance of your bedroom by
simply changing the bedding: quick and easy! I love buying bedspreads

and more from Yorkshire Linen for ultimate bedroom decoration.


Size Does Not Have to Matter

If you feel that your bedroom is too small for any cunning decor tricks,
you could not be more wrong! Many designers and decorators frequently
have to work with small rooms, and they get around the main issue (not
enough space) BY including every space saving innovation and idea that
they can! Simple things like swapping a bedside lamp for a wall mounted
light can make all the difference, enabling you to change a bulky
bedside cabinet for a smaller shelf. Really study your room to see where
you can take advantage of space saving ideas and you will soon be
wondering why you ever thought that your room was not big enough!

Stamp on Your Personality

It is YOUR bedroom, make it all about you! It is easy to dismiss
features that you really like because your friends say that they do not
like it or because an interior design experts has pooh-poohed it in a
magazine or television show. Stick to your guns and redo your bedroom
your way!


Thank you Alice for sharing such great tips! I hope you are feeling inspired to decorate your bedroom! Thanks for stopping by!


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