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DIY projects and inspiration. Friday Favorites

If you follow me on facebook or twitter then you have probably seen all my comments about site issues I have been dealing with this past week. Well apparently my blog got shut down yesterday due to excessive MySQL activity. Yeah I don’t really know what that means either, lol.

I actually didn’t realize it because I was still able to access my site {it was available to our IP address only and the email notification was sent to Eric}, but was having issues publishing my post which is what made me call my hosting company in the first place.

Long story short I had to disable some plugins that were apparently pulling too many resources, one of which was VaultPress, which I purchased last week to backup my blog before changing servers. I have heard nothing but good things about this service so it was news to me when I found out it was one of the driving factors causing issues. Some of the other plugins I was told could be causing the issues are WP Related Posts, Wordpress SEO and Jetpack, and they said I may even want to change themes.

All of the plugins they recommend I remove I have had pretty much since I started my blog and that goes with my theme too, so why in the world would I just now be having problems? They assured me it had nothing to do with changing servers and told me they will continue to monitor on my site for excessive MySQL activity and may need to shut it down again in the future.

I have never had issues before, but this whole mess has me feeling a bit nervous. I asked if I needed to change or upgrade plans and they told me no.. so what I just sit back and pray nothing else makes my site goes down?

I am considering changing web hosts but don’t want to move hosts and wind up with the same problem. Has anyone else heard of or dealt with this?

I apologize for my site have lag issues and being down and appreciate all of the support you have given me, thank you!!!

Enough ranting and onto my 5 favorites from this week. Enjoy!

Favorite Space:

Kitchen Makeover via Start at Home – I love this kitchen transformation, it’s so bright and airy and that pallet “EAT” sign is awesome!

Favorite Space: Kitchen Makeover via Start at Home

Favorite Furniture Transformation:

Rock & Roll Dresser via Bliss Ranch– This dresser is incredible! This is actually a copy of her own original version she made for her son that was brown. That dresser had to be thrown out, but her son loved it so much he asked her to make her another one just like it. She did an amazing job and I actually like this one in grey even more.

Rock & Roll Dresser via Bliss Ranch

Favorite Upcycled Project: 

Old Window Chalkboard Calendar via House by Hoff – I’m a sucker for old windows and chalkboards so I love this chalkboard calendar, plus those hooks at the bottom give it even more function.

Old Window Chalkboard Calendar via House by Hoff

Favorite Fall Project:

Wood & Burlap Fall Wreath via Finding Home – I need to get started on our fall wreath and am feeling oh-so-inspired by this one.

Wood & Burlap Fall Wreath via Finding Home

Favorite Recipe:

Clean Eating Pumpkin Spice Baked Apples via The Gracious Pantry – I recently decided to dive more into clean eating – even if it’s just 50% of the time. This recipe looks easy and delicious!

Clean Eating Pumpkin Spice Baked Apples via The Gracious Pantry


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