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Hi everyone! I am Maggie from The Love Nerds, and I am so excited to be here at Upcycled Treasures during Katie’s Big Wedding Week! While I am a blogger and Etsy shop owner, I am also a wedding event coordinator. Whether it is running the big day or just making the final touches for the happy couple, I love weddings! Since it is wedding week here at Upcycled Treasures, I thought it would be fun to share with all of you a DIY Wedding Guest Book Plate that I made for one of my clients back in May.

I never personally understand a traditional guest book. I have never once seen my parents look at their guest book. I mean, who really wants to look at a list of signatures. I have a whole Pinterest board full of alternative guest book ideas if you are interested.

A Guest Book Plate is a unique way to have your guests sign their names or write you little notes while also making a gorgeous display piece afterward in your home. Think about how great it would look in a curio or above your kitchen cabinets if you have space. It is also really easy for you to prepare. While DIY Wedding projects are awesome, they can also be time-consuming. This is not that type of project! I had this completed in under 15 minutes.

DIY Guest Book Plate using a Sharpie @ The Love Nerds

For the Pinwheel Lunch Reception I threw in May, I crafted a decorative plate for guests to sign with the same name design I used for their invitations. It is important to note the word “decorative”‘; since it was not going to be used for food, I used a Sharpie marker in the directions below. If you want a plate to use with food, a special food-safe porcelain marker needs to be used.


1. I used some scrap vinyl to cut out their logo. Since I was doing two colors (silver and black), I cut out the design in two different pieces. If you don’t have vinyl, you could print out a design on card stock and cut it out with an Exacto knife to make a stencil. If you use paper, just make sure to tape it down really well onto the plate before using.

DIY Guest Book Plate using a Sharpie @ The Love Nerds

2. I used a sharpie marker and filled in the vinyl stencil. TA-DA!!! I told you it was super easy! You will probably need to go over the design a couple of designs to get it filled in fully; I just waited a minute or two before going over it again to allow the ink to dry first.

3. Have guests sign the plate with a sharpie marker as well. I recommend getting a fine tip marker.

4. After the big day and everyone has signed, put the plate into a cold oven and turn to 350 degrees. After 30 minutes, turn the oven off again and let the plate cool down slowly.

DIY Guest Book Plate using a Sharpie @ The Love Nerds

It is currently sitting on top of the couple’s kitchen cabinets as part of their home decor and looks amazing!! It is such an easy DIY and, depending on the size or type of plate, could be as inexpensive as $15.

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  1. I absolutely love the idea of using a plate as guestbook. I have been trying to find something to use and nothing stood out at me until I seen this come across my Pinterest. I have a serious passion for food and will be using this nontraditional guestbook for my upcoming May wedding.

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