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Today I am sharing a FREE chalkboard love quote printable that says  “Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite”.  Not only would this be a great quote to frame and display at your wedding, but it would also look great in your home.

FREE Chalkboard Love Quote Printable

Download and print this FREE Chalkboard Love Quote Printable that you can display during your wedding or in your home. MountainModernLife.com
You may have seen this love quote on the mock-up guestbook table

Download and print this FREE Chalkboard Love Quote Printable that you can display during your wedding or at your home. MountainModernLife.com

To download the FREE 8×10 Printable, simply click on the download button below and then right-click “Save image as” to save it to your computer. I recommend getting this printed at your local printing supplies store (such as Staples) due to the amount of ink needed.  


All designs are for personal use only,  and cannot be resold or redistributed.   

FREE Chalkboard Love Quote Printable


  1. Hi Katie,
    I am trying to download the “Every love story” chalkboard print which I think is a free download but I cannot get it to work. Every time I click on the download link I get “We cannot complete this request, remote data could not be fetched”. Maybe it is no longer available, not sure but I wanted to check with you.
    I’m loving the Farm Fresh Christmas Tree Print I order from you! It was our first Christmas in our RV and I tried to keep it simple. Your sign was just the right thing behind our 2 1/2 ft. tree!
    Thanks so much.


    1. Hey Connie,

      It looks like the link was still going to our old website so I just updated it. Sorry about that and thanks for the heads up! Also good to hear you enjoyed the Christmas print 🙂

      Happy New Year!

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