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In case you are new to the blog, we love the great outdoors and anything rustic or woodland-inspired. In fact, one of my favorites John Muir quotes is “Going to the woods, is going home”.  We plan to have a house in the mountains surrounded by trees someday, but until then a girl can dream, right?

FREE Printable John Muir Quote

We previously had this quote on a wood slab up on our gallery wall, and I have a different version in the shop, but since I had an older copy I wanted to offer it for free.

Download this FREE Printable John Muir Quote, "Going to the woods, is going home". | MountainModernLife.com

Due to the amount of ink needed I recommend putting the image on a flash drive and taking it to your local office supply store to get it printed. You can also upload it online to most stores that offer printing.

I hope you enjoy the FREE Printable John Muir Quote.

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