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Update: Harper Grayce closed her shop in 2022

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year to decorate and that hasn’t changed just because we moved into an RV. I don’t know if we’re going to make any crazy changes from last year, but I can tell you that Eric and I can’t wait to deck out our RV for the holidays.

As a little life update, I recently found out that a few people took my Farm Fresh Christmas Tree design, made slight modifications (or sometimes none at all) and then resold either the SVG files or finished products with it. This was a bummer to hear about, and if you see any digital files being sold that are not on this website or from my Etsy shop (MtnModernLife) you should know that it isn’t me. And while it may be technically legit for people to make slight mods to designs and re-sell them, it doesn’t seem all that ethical to me, but what can ya do?

Thank you to those that reached out about this, it means so much to me that you have my back!

With that said, I’m super excited to finally be offering an Extended License on this design. So if you’d rather purchase a finished sign or the vinyl decal to make your own sign, you can order it from one of our shop collaborators! It’s funny because I planned on doing this last year but put it on hold because I was feeling overwhelmed at the time. I guess the Universe decided now was the time to get ‘er done. It’s crazy how the most stressful, sad, anxiety-ridden moments can often lead to amazing opportunities if we just open ourselves up to them.

I’ll have a list of the authorized shops over on this listing or at the bottom of this post, but today I want to highlight one of the shops that makes a few variations of the Farm Fresh Christmas Trees signs (they make Pumpkin Patch ones too!).

In fact, they make signs better then I ever could and I’m kinda obsessed with all of their creations! I feel pretty honored that they’ve added one of my designs into their own collection.

So if rustic wood signs make your heart skip a beat, you’re going to fall in love with Harper Grayce Signs!

Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Sign

The photo above is from Jessica of I Dream of Homemaking who has the most incredible Instagram and Facebook feeds! I love her styling and the sign in the photo was made by Harper Grayce Signs.

Harper Grayce Signs

Jen is a mom, wife and graphic designer that works with her husband to create beautiful handmade signs. They own a fabrication shop and each sign is made with reclaimed fence wood so no two are identical. Then all of the lettering is laser cut, painted and lightly sanded to create a distressed look. I love the unique style and added dimension that the wood letters bring to the design.

What’s funny is I was planning to make a new Farm Fresh Christmas tree sign this year, a smaller wood version we could hang in our tiny home on wheels, but Jen surprised me with this sign below! It honestly felt like Christmas came early. Even the packaging was beautiful and well-thought-out.

Spread Christmas cheer with Harper Grayce signs! These handcrafted signs are made with reclaimed wood and laser cut letters. MountainModernLife.com

I may have to squeeze it into a spot, but I can’t wait to hang this bad boy in our RV for Christmas!

Rustic Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Sign

Not to mention Kobe was excited to get a new box to play with. McNally was a little jealous but apparently dogs aren’t allowed inside his box clubhouse. The photo below may look sweet but I’m pretty sure Kobe swatted McNally afterwards.

Kobe is obsessed with boxes

True confession, this box may or may not have sat in our tiny living room for a few days because Kobe wouldn’t leave the darn thing and we felt bad taking it away, haha. Tell me we’re not the only ones who do this?

Here’s a Christmas Tree sign Harper Grayce made for Kindred Vintage & Co. last year, who displayed it during their awe-inspiring Christmas home tour.

The mix of wood and white has to be my favorite, seriously how pretty are these signs?

Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Sign

While their holiday collection is pretty dreamy, they have signs for every occasion and even offer custom designs.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your home for the holidays or spread Christmas cheer with signs that can be enjoyed every year, I hope you’ll swing over to Harper Grayce! You can find their shop and social media links below.

Instagram | Facebook

Spread Christmas Cheer with Harper Grayce Signs