Tips for Hooking up your RV

This post is sponsored by Progressive, but the content and opinions are 100% our own. We’re excited to share some RV tips and inspiration over on their Life Lane’s Blog and hope you’ll check them out!

Planning a trip in your new rig? Enjoy a smoother experience with these tips for hooking up your RV for the first time.

First time hooking up your RV?

Let me guess… you’re about to embark on the first adventure in your new rig, and your feelings of excitement are through the roof. Though in the back of your mind you can feel just a little bit of anxiety and nerves, mainly because you’ve never pulled into a campground with your RV, not to mention hooked it up to everything.

Above is exactly how I felt before our first trip, I knew everything would work out but at the same time, I had no idea what I was doing.

We know the first trip can be nerve-racking so we put together some tips for hooking up your RV to electric, water, sewer, and cable. You can find the full post over on Progressive’s Life Lane’s Blog. Click here to check it out!

Tips for Hooking up your RV


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    May 6, 2018

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