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This is an older post, you can view the updated photos here, along with tips to create your own massive gallery wall!


Who doesn’t love gallery walls? I know that every time I come across one on Facebook, Pinterest or in magazines I am instantly in awe, especially given that no two are the same.

When we moved into our rental house over a year ago I knew a gallery wall would be perfect for the large amount of space and massive ceilings in the living room. I kept putting it off not sure what I would put up there and knowing I would want to update the photos or art in some of my frames.

Then one day I decided to stop waiting around to get everything perfect and just get it started. So I “shopped” our house looking for frames and random items I could display on the wall. I knew I would likely make changes over time, but figured if I didn’t get to it now, it may never get done.

Massive Gallery Wall

You may have caught glimpses of this wall on Instagram, in my fall or Christmas home tour, or when I shared some of the DIY projects that were added to the wall. However, I recently realized that I’ve never shared any non-seasonal photos of the entire wall.


One thing I’ve been really bad about on this blog is actually posting my projects in a timely manner, and that’s something I really want to work on over the next few months. I also realized that I don’t have many photos of our home on here, so I’d like to get a home tour up soon. Ya know, before our lease is up and we hit the road in our RV. Ha. Time is flying so I better get on it! Plus I love our home and want to share it with you 🙂

Anyway, so today I am FINALLY sharing our Massive Gallery Wall, yay! Let me say that this could probably be more of a post on how not to create a gallery wall, considering it’s evolved so much over time. It’s probably best you have everything ready to go when you create your wall so you can avoid extra nail holes. Woops.

With that said I’m still happy I did it early because I don’t know if it ever would have gone up. And to be honest, I still plan on switching up some of the photos/prints in the frames. Nothing is ever finished or perfect enough so I’m just gonna get over it and share our wall anyway 🙂  By the way, Command picture hanging strips can be your BFF when you’re renting or looking to avoid several nail holes.

Here is what the wall looked like before, along with a collection of items I planned to hang up.


I then placed everything on the floor until I had each item arranged the way I wanted, editing things in and out as I went along. Afterward, I traced each item onto wrapping paper {you can use newspaper, kraft paper,etc.} and then taped the paper silhouette onto the wall where it would be hung up. You may recall this photo I shared on Instagram a mere 64 weeks ago! Ummm where does the time go?


Some of these photos aren’t the best because they were taken on my phone while the hubs and I worked through the night.


We then marked on the paper where the nail should go and used a level to hang each piece up. afterward, we removed the paper. Some of the items were hung with command strips. I <3 those things and they are very renter friendly!

As of now, this is what my massive gallery wall looks like:


I think the curtains are a bit busy but I had picked them up at HomeGoods for $30 because I liked the pattern and color. They will likely get moved into a different room as soon as I pick up some wispy white curtains.



And here is the before and after:

Need a way to fill the empty space on a large wall? How to Create a Massive Gallery Wall filled with DIY projects and upcycled finds. MountainModernLife.com

So if you’ve been thinking about tackling a massive gallery wall in your home, but are unsure where to start I hope you feel inspired to get ‘er done! And if you’ve created a gallery wall, large or small I’d love to hear about it or check out the link in the comments!

Some of the DIY projects on the wall haven’t been shared on the blog yet, but I will continue to update this post with links to the DIY projects once they are available.

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Update: View the updated photos of our wall here, along with tips to create your own massive gallery wall!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who takes forever and wants everything to look right before decorating. I don’t really know how to decorate, and so my poor house has just waited with mostly bare walls forever. Maybe I’ll jump in like you did and eventually it may be what I’ve dreamed of, right?

    1. I say go for it Alissa! And if you are nervous about it I definitely recommend using the command picture hanging strips. Then you can always move things around without the extra nail holes ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. This is one of the best gallery walls I’ve ever seen! I found your post at Tatertots & Jello’s Link Party, and I’m glad I did. You are really creative and have inspired me to add some additional detail and variations to our gallery now (which is just pictures now). Thank you!

    1. That is the sweetest compliment ever, thank you so much Julie! I really love it but sometimes wonder how it translates in photos. I decided to keep this wall filled with more random items/prints vs family photos since I have those scattered about. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. You have inspired me to quit waiting for the perfect moment and the perfect photos/decor/frames/mirrors/etc. It’s time to get started on my gallery wall, too and quit worrying that I will make a mistake. Your wall looks great!

  4. I’m not typically a fan of gallery walls; I find them too busy and cluttered for my taste. With that said, I think yours is fantastic. I love the mix of pieces and styles, and the placements. It’s very pretty.

    1. Thanks Al! I honestly don’t feel like these photos to the room justice. It’s a HUGE room that opens up to the entry way and dining room and none of the walls are nearly as busy, so this makes a statement without feeling overwhelming – at least not to me anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Love the wall! Please tell me you know the name of the paint color you used for this wall! I love it!

    1. Hi Kerris, to be honest I’m not really sure what the wall color is. We are renting and it was painted when we moved in. I did find a few paint cans in the garage from Behr but can’t make out the names. It’s a pretty color but unfortunately it’s on the darker side and this part of our living room doesn’t get a lot of light so the darker beige tends to absorb the light. Finding the right time to take photos has sort of been a pain, ha. I honestly wish it was a lighter color to make the room feel brighter but I don’t know if I feel like climbing a ladder to paint those tall walls before our lease is up, lol. If you have a room with lots of natural light, or don’t mind darker rooms then it’s a really pretty color.

  6. Most awesome gallery wall I’ve ever seen!! Wish I had you to help me do MINE. ๐Ÿ™

  7. Can you please give dimensions for the big pieces in gallery to get an idea. Also i found some tutorials which are not linked here on your website can you please update links too. trying to replicate some of your elements .

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