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Update: This post was written in 2015 but you can watch our recent video (from 2019) on why we chose the RV Lifestyle below:

I have some super exciting news to share with you today! Let me first warn you that this post will likely include A LOT of rambling, so grab some coffee (or wine) and let’s chat, sha’ll we?

A little back story…

If you follow my blog then you may already know that Eric and I have spent the last year or so trying to find the perfect place in the mountains to call home. We moved to Georgia about 5 years ago from California and my sister and mom followed soon after, leaving their homes in Texas and Pennsylvania.

Most of our family now lives in the South and Mid-West which is why we moved here in the first place. We figured that once we were ready to settle down (aka have kids), we would want to be closer to our family. And there’s no denying it’s a lot less expensive over here in the South too!

Georgia has treated us well, but it’s just never quite felt like home. Yeah yeah, I know that home is wherever you are, but I’m still feeling a bit non-committal.

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

I was born in Northern California, then moved to the suburbs of Austin, Texas where I lived with my mom during the year and spent my summers in California with my dad. My favorite memories as a kid are those of us visiting national parks and camping it up amongst the mountains and evergreen, sequoia, or redwood trees.

I’ve always enjoyed traveling (especially long road trips), and moving to new towns every year seems to have been the norm over the past 10 years. I used to joke that I was non-committal, but I liked the adventure of the unknown, meeting new people, and discovering what it would be like to live somewhere else. The grass may not be greener on the other side, but it may be worth checking out!

Eric is the same way when it comes to visiting new towns, and our favorite dates are those that include hiking, road trips, and the great outdoors.

Our very first weekend getaway was to Yosemite National Park.

And most of our weekends were spent getting away from the city to hike in the mountains…

Eric and I will always have a special place in our heart for Ventura, California since that’s where we met. Of course I now realize why those California views and perfect weather truly do come at a premium… it’s difficult to match that anywhere else!

So I’ve struggled with do we move back to California? Should we check out Oregon, Washington, Montana or Idaho? What about being close to our family once we have kiddos? Should we just move to the North Georgia mountains? Would North Carolina be a good fit? Yeah, it’s not always easy trying to compromise on what you want with being near friends and family, especially when the other side of the coast is tugging at your heartstrings.

I’ve spent countless hours researching small (progressive), mountain towns in between Florida and Pennsylvania that would keep us in the middle of our family, who have been trying to keep us from moving out West, despite supporting us regardless.

We’ve found several towns that we think could be a good fit nearby. We especially love the Boone/Blowing Rock, NC area and Eric and I have spent our weekends driving through several of them when I’m not instagram stalking them, haha.  We’ve been so determined to find our next home because we’ve been saving to buy a house, and would like to make babies in the next 1-2 years. Ya know, the American dream or whatever.

We probably would have done this sooner if our first baby, Sallie Mae, wasn’t so freakin’ expensive! The truth is, we pay nearly three times for that baby then most of our friend’s pay on their mortgages. Yikes! Regardless, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for both the good and bad decisions we’ve made in the past, and for that we are grateful.

Anyway, you are probably wondering where I’m going with this….

So last week Eric and I came to a decision. Rather than settle on a town to rent or plunk down our savings to buy a house, we decided to do something a little less conventional…

We are going RVing, ya’ll!

That’s right, we’re going to buy an RV, give it some DIY love and then hit the road! Think we are crazy? I wouldn’t blame you, but you gotta follow the beat to your own drum, and this is something we’ve talked about for years.

Of course it was always one of those, someday dreams and it wasn’t until recently that Eric and I both started working remotely, which means we can live wherever we want! Now think about that for a second…

If you could live anywhere, would you stay put or move somewhere else?

If you are like my brother or sister then you would probably enjoy staying put.  I remember in high school my mom was offered a job overseas and I was stoked and ready to move. Of course I was going to miss my friends but I wanted to see the world and create some amazing memories. My siblings…. not so much. Alas, we stayed put.

I then tried to do a foreign exchange program but the new principal was against it. So instead I graduated high school a year early and moved to Los Angeles for college, with big dreams of traveling…which um didn’t happen, unless you count Texas and Ohio. Ha.

Here I am 15 years later (where did the time go??!) and the opportunity has presented itself for us to explore, meet new people, create new experiences and memories, all while forcing us to take chances and live simpler. It won’t be easy, but we are up for the challenge.

Not all those who wander are lost

We don’t know how long we will be Rving, a couple months, 6 months, a year? That is yet to be determined, and we won’t even be hitting the road until our lease is up August 1st. That’s a looooooong way off, yet it will likely be here before we know it. The good news is that it gives us time to plan and research our trip. And possibly time to fix up a less than perfect RV.

Our goal of RVing is to visit states we’ve never been, explore national parks, check out small towns and ultimately figure out exactly where we want to buy land and settle down. Will it be hundreds of miles away, or just down the road? Only time will tell and I’m excited to share the journey with you.

In fact I’ve already spent countless hours doing research and have the excel spreadsheets to prove it. Can you say obsessive much? You would think I was studying for a final exam in Rving. haha.

Have you considered moving into a RV, camper or Tiny House? Or maybe you already have? If so we would love to hear about it in the comments!

We look forward to sharing more information with you along the way, and would love to hear any advice or questions you may have.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain”

UPDATE:  You can see the RV we purchased here!