RV kitchen backsplash ideas

RV Kitchen backsplash ideas

This post is sponsored by Progressive, but the content and opinions are 100% our own. We’re excited to share some RV tips and inspiration over on their Life Lane’s Blog and hope you’ll check them out!

RV Kitchen backsplash ideas |

RV Kitchen backsplash ideas

Are you looking for RV kitchen backsplash ideas that will bring style to your camper without blowing your budget or weight restrictions? We considered various options for our own RV kitchen, including peel and stick tiles, wallpaper, and corrugated metal.

Ultimately, we chose a wood-planked option, which was not only an upgrade from the outdated wallpaper, but it gave our motorhome the modern rustic vibe we were going for.

Whether you’re looking for affordable ways to spruce up your RV kitchen, or are searching for lightweight options, be sure to swing over to the Life Lane’s Blog for our post with ideas to spark your imagination.

RV Kitchen backsplash ideas


  • Roxann

    Just bought our first motor home and looking forward to your tips and tricks!

    June 25, 2020
    • That’s so awesome Roxann!! Let us know if you guys have any questions along the way 🙂

      June 30, 2020
  • Jeannie

    We are just getting ready to begin renovation on our first RV, a 2018 Grand Design 2800BH we just purchased this month. The inside is very typical- all brown and grey- so I am loving all your tips and beautiful interiors to use as inspiration! You have a great site! Quick question.. I heard that you cannot use real tile for the backsplash an RV as it cracks due to vibration. Is that true?

    July 7, 2020
    • Yay, congrats! Real tile can often be used, you’ll just want to be mindful of weight and consider the precautions. Many RVers have gone this route without issue but have chosen no-grout options or used a flexible grout and adhesive to prevent cracking. And using tiles smaller than 4×4 can also help prevent cracking too. I always recommend prioritizing your projects based on what you really want so you can decide what’s worth it, especially when time, cost, and weight are involved. Rather than think something is impossible, see if you can find a way to prioritize what you really want. Just keep in mind that compromise may be necessary 🙂

      July 31, 2020
  • Lorraine A Gehring

    I enjoy reading your blog and especially the before and after photos. I wonder, though, if you’ve thought through all your kitchen backsplash ideas. Today’s article on the Progressive website repeated something you’ve said before, that you can use pegboard as a backsplash in an RV kitchen.

    I’m not sure how that would work. You need at least an inch, perhaps more, room between the pegboard and the back wall for the metal hooks to fit into. You’d have to put up a 2-by-2 frame around the kitchen and attach the pegboard to it. That would take up a lot of valuable counter space. ln my rig it would press up against the sink knobs leaving no room to turn them. It also would press up against the stove along the right side.

    Then there’s how to clean it. How? Water would drip behind the pegboard where you can’t wipe it up. Bugs would die behind it. Crumbs would inevitably end up behind it. There’s a reason you only see these things in garages.

    You could put the pegboard directly against the wall, but that would defeat the purpose of using pegboard. You couldn’t hang anything from the holes. I’m not sure this a practical suggestion to continue to make.

    July 19, 2020
    • You bring up some really great points! To be honest, I’ve seen pegboard used in residential homes and while it’s not my favorite, someone else may love the utilitarian look. It’s certainly a way to gain extra storage space, which is why I thought it was worth mentioning in an RV. There are pros and cons to each project, and challenges often arise that have to be considered or dealt with creatively. While this may not be the most practical solution for most, it may be worth trying for someone with very little storage or wall space in their kitchen. And since pegboards can be built and customized, it could even take up just one area of the backsplash.

      I’m not sure the pegboard would need as much space behind it as you think, but I could be wrong. I remember adding a pegboard to the wall of our garage several years ago, and we had no issues hanging items, even though it was attached directly to the wall behind it.

      As for cleaning, a lot of splattering would have to happen to get behind the holes, but while cooking, a cutting board could be placed behind the stove to help minimize it, just as protection is needed behind the stove if using plastic peel and stick tiles. Otherwise, cleaning the actual pegboard should be fairly easy as long as a protective sealer is used – we have wood as our backsplash but it cleans up super easy.

      Either way, your points are still super valid and worth considering for anyone thinking about tackling such a project, so thanks for sharing!


      July 31, 2020
  • Teresa

    Thanks for sharing your expertise!!

    July 20, 2020
    • Thank you and I hope it helps inspire you in some way!

      July 31, 2020

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