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Eric recently put together another short video, showing our Tiffin motorhome renovation progress.

We finally received the custom Lexan skylight we ordered and had decent weather, so Eric was able to get it installed this past weekend. Based on my research, this skylight is supposed to be better quality than the one we replaced (twice!) from the manufacturer, and we really hope that’s the case, especially since he installed it using Eternabond which can be a bear to remove if/when it needs to be replaced again.

Our new skylight is different from the two we’ve replaced in the past in that you don’t use screws when installing it. Instead you use Surebond SB-140 caulking and Eternabond tape. If we would’ve been installing a new skylight from the manufacturer, we wouldn’t use Eternabond because of how often RV skylights develop hairline cracks and need to be replaced. However, this Lexan skylight by EZTops is not suppose to crack nearly as easily. Fingers crossed!

In case you’re new here, my husband and I spent 4 years (from 2016-2020) as full-time RVers. You can read about why we stopped RVing here or see what our RV looked like before we our re-reno demo here.

Watch our Tiffin Motorhome Renovation Progress video below:

If you have any questions, or want us to dive deeper into anything specific during our next motorhome renovation progress video, just let us know.