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It’s a new year, a new beginning and with it we are excited to introduce our new RV video channel!

Eric and I have been discussing starting up a video series for a while now but are excited to say that we FINALLY did it!

Yup, we officially started our channel and posted our very first video tonight! Well, for now, this is more Eric’s channel, but I’d like to think I’ll work up the courage to make my way in front of the camera in the upcoming months.

It’s sorta scary starting and sharing our YouTube channel, especially since it’s nothing fancy and we don’t have much content yet. But hey, you gotta start somewhere right? All it takes is that first step and we will soon figure out the rest.

So here is the other half of MountainModernLife.com, my awesome husband Eric, introducing you to what our plans are for 2016:

You can also watch the video over on YouTube by clicking here.

RV video channel: Intro to our journey

We would love for you to subscribe and join us on this journey of DIY projects and travel adventures. And as always we would love to hear your questions, comments or any advice you have along the way.

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What projects or goals do you plan to tackle this year?