how to spruce up faux candles using thumbtacks

How to spruce up faux candles with thumbtacks

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Do you ever start working on one project only to get distracted inspired and randomly start working on something else? I definitely have this problem.

Take thumbtacks for example. I recently bought a bunch that I had planned to use for one office project, but quickly became distracted by a plain white flameless candle across the room begging for attention. Thumbtacks in hand I was instantly inspired. So today I am sharing how to spruce up faux candles with thumbtacks!

How to Spruce up faux Candles with Thumbtacks

You see we bought a whole bunch of white LED candles to use during our wedding reception, but I haven’t done much with them since. I actually took quite a few out of a box last week when winter storm Pax was on its way just in case we lost power (luckily we didn’t).

I have actually been trying to think of a simple and easy way to gussy up those plain white LED candles and became curious if the brass thumbtacks would go through.

Spruce up {faux} Candles with Thumbtacks! Gussy up those plain white LED candles you have sitting around using brass thumbtacks!

Once I realized they went in super easy I started pushing in thumbtacks to make a polka dot effect. I can be super impatient and had just started sticking the thumbtacks into the candle, but could have measured to make the spacing look better or created a more intricate design. I should mention that these are faux LED candles made with wax and not hard plastic. 

I also wasn’t able to go all the way down to the bottom because the candle was hard due to the faux flame, but I still LOVE how it looks. Less than 2 packs later this is what my LED candle looked like:

Spruce up {faux} Candles with Thumbtacks! Gussy up those plain white LED candles you have sitting around using brass thumbtacks!

I will say that when I took a tack out there was a small indent into the candle so if you do decide to take them out later on the candle won’t be as smooth and pretty. If you don’t plan on taking them out then it doesn’t really matter. The tacks also made a small indent into the inside of the candle, but it was barely noticeable and they didn’t go all the way through or anything.

Not only is this a super easy way to fancy up some plain faux candles, but it doesn’t cost much either which is my kind of project. I plan on thumbtacking {is that a word?} a few more candles with slightly different designs to keep in my office. I love how simple and pretty they turned out and it’s a way to add some gold sparkle which I am all about lately. Of course, now I’m wondering what else I can add thumbtacks too….

Spruce up {faux} Candles with Thumbtacks! Gussy up those plain white LED candles you have sitting around using brass thumbtacks!

So what do you think of our spruced up faux candles with thumbtacks? Have you used thumbtacks in an unusual way?


  • Love this idea! So simple and pretty! You know I love a great thumbtack project 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

    February 23, 2014
    • Yes Angela, your ampersand art is AMAZING and so original! I am definitely stealing your ida and making some art of my own. I think I know exactly what it’s going to be too….

      February 23, 2014
  • Love this! Super easy and fun. Oh, and you are preaching to the choir on getting distracted by other projects. I currently have about three in progress and I just keep starting new ones….gotta.stop.that.asap!

    February 24, 2014
    • Lol, yeah I like to think I’ve gotten better but it still happens. It’s so easy to get excited about different project ideas, but I need to stay focused! Thanks for stopping by!

      February 24, 2014
  • I love the look of these. Genius!

    February 24, 2014
  • The candles turned out beautiful, love the gold :).
    And i can totally relate i’ve been thumb-tacking literally everything i can get my hands on. I just did this No sew Lampshade post in which i used thumb tacks. You can check it out here if you like

    My next goal is to make your DIY Sharpie Rug. Super Cute.

    February 24, 2014
  • Super cool idea!!! Pinned!
    Following you on Pinterest and Bloglovin!

    February 25, 2014
  • What a genius idea! It’s so simple and looks fabulous! I’m so glad you shared this at Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

    February 27, 2014
  • I like that the dots don’t go all the way to the bottom! And yes, I definitely have attention issues when crafting & start projects that TOTALLY aren’t what I intended.

    March 3, 2014

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