The Beginner’s Guide to a Happier Life: 4 Steps to Improve Your Inner Self

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Eric here! Let’s be honest; life can be a hectic pursuit. Whether we’re trying to accomplish our dreams, struggling to find our purpose, or feeling down and out in general, it can be challenging to understand why we feel the way we do. Our inner voice and the dialogue it’s created over the years of our lives can influence how we feel about our place in the world.

Back in 2015, I was going through a trying time in my life where I’d lost my ambition and desire to improve. As a result, I found myself stuck, seemingly swimming in circles while getting no closer to the shore. Because of that, I had to spend time focusing on who I was, who I am, who I wanted to be, and how to make the changes necessary to get there.

Over my years of studying and trying to get back to who I was and who I wanted to be, I learned a lot. Then one day, as Katie and I were on a hike, I had the idea of sharing my experience. I wrote this book in February of 2020, hoping that it can help others better understand how their feeling, why their feeling that way, and ultimately create a better way of feeling.

the eBook A Beginner's Guide to a Happier Life

The Beginner’s Guide to a Happier Life: 4 Steps to Improve Your Inner Self

In this quick guide, I run through the different steps I took to take back control of my life. You can use these simple practices to improve your overall outlook and state of mind throughout your daily life.

While I’ve learned a lot over the years and have made drastic improvements to myself and the understanding of my emotions, I still have a long way to go. Through my research and implementation of many practices, I’ve found this journey we’re all on is lifelong, so I intend to continue learning every day. I sincerely hope in reading my eBook, you’ll find what you’re looking for to better your inner self. If you have any questions regarding the topics I discuss, please send me an email. I’ll do my best to help where I can along your journey.

Sunset picture of the book cover The Beginner's Guide to a Happier Life

The Beginner\'s Guide to a Happier Life: 4 Steps to Improve Your Inner Self
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