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Are you a fan of ModCloth, the online retailer? My sister-in-law LOVES them and has recently gotten me obsessed with all of their vintage-inspired clothes and accessories. In fact, they even offer home decor and quirky gift ideas!

I don’t know if you saw the email yesterday about their 70% off sale, but I was super stoked when I saw it and couldn’t click the link fast enough, lol.  I have been on the hunt for a rehearsal dinner dress and now I can score one of their vintage-inspired dresses on the cheap, woot-woot!

My bridesmaids will all be wearing different shades of pink {think peachy pink and dusty rose} for our wedding, and although they pretty much all have their dresses I thought it may be beneficial to put together some dress options for other bridesmaids looking to pull off the same look on a budget.  My gals all bought their dresses for under $50, most were closer to the $30 mark. Best of all they are dresses they each like and will be able to wear again in the future. A win-win in my book.

I love the variation in peaches, pinks and champagne, especially when brought together so that is what I used in this roundup. I also included a pair of nude heels they have on sale for $23.99! Of course you don’t need to be a bridesmaid to snag one of these gorgeous dresses, but you better hurry because they are selling out quick! These dresses would also be great for the rehearsal dinner or for wedding guests to wear. Not to mention all the other clothes and accessories on sale for 70% off! All dresses below are from Mod Cloth, but the promo is now over. You may still want to head over there to see what quirky dresses and sales they have going on.


1. Sugared Rose Dress  2. I Pink You’re Lovely Dress  3. Feeding the Doves Dress  4. Prancing in Posies Dress  5. Gleam of Light Dress  6. Good and Ballad Dress   7. Finale Touch Dress  8. The Five Year Arrangement Dress  9.  Heirloom of Elegance Dress  10. Rosewater Cupcakes Dress  11. Patio Reception Dress  12. Blushing Pride Dress  13. Chain Your World Dress  14. Bliss is the One Dress  15. The Right Mauve Dress  16. Goblet of Glamour Heel in Beige

Which dress is your favorite? I’m especially loving number 1 and 7.



  1. Great dresses, number 1 and number 13 caught my eye. Your bridesmaids are going to look wonderful!

  2. Oh my goodness Katie, these are gorgeous selections, thank you for narrowing down the beauty! Your wedding looked like a dream!

  3. I LOVE these dresses and the entire look. Can you comment on ModCloth’s fit and sizing? True to form? And how does the material look in person? I’ve never ordered from there before but I am dying to!

    1. Hi Carmela! I actually have never purchased clothes from ModCloth before, although I have come reallllly close quite a few times. I get so nervous about how things will fit and so it’s hard for me to order clothes online and I generally stick to shoes and accessories.

      However, my sister-in-law shops there A LOT! She LOOOOOVES ModCloth and so I actually asked for her feedback so I could respond to you with her feedback.

      Here is her response – isn’t she awesome? 🙂

      ModCloth sells pieces from independent designers, so the fit is not across the board. Under the size selection there is a note assisting you in selecting the right size for that piece. It’ll say whether it is “true to size”, “runs large, order a size down”, etc. and it is pretty accurate from my experience. Also, read the “Details” tab – you’ll find any particulars that may affect the fit.
      The quality is great! I have ordered many dresses and have only received 1 dress that wasn’t sewn perfectly. The side seam of the skirt was too tight, so it pulled up slightly, but was still wearable. This dress was also purchased through ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise, which is a final sale mystery purchase (select your size, pay $15 and you receive a random piece of clothing), so I expect slight flaw as such. I’m not very delicate with my clothes and all my ModCloth pieces have held up wonderfully; even the lace dresses! But, again, all the items come from different designers, so it would depend on the actual designer.
      Clothing aside, I order from ModCloth because it is such a great company in general.

      Hope this helps!

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