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It’s been a while since I shared any studio/office updates with you so today I am sharing my (West Elm inspired) DIY Gold Pipe Hanging Storage!

I knew I needed to put some sort of organization in place, but wanted to do it in a fun way, especially since organization is not something that comes easily to me.

(West Elm Inspired) DIY Gold Pipe Hanging Storage

I have seen these industrial-chic, pipe storage systems all over the place and LOVE how they look! I was especially motivated to make my own after finishing my gold pipe curtain rod, and then coming across this photo of the industrial rail system in the West Elm catalog:


As much as I love the black pipes, I knew I wanted to glam them up a bit for my office using gold spray paint I (surprisingly) had leftover.

I sorta went through a pipe obsession in February and March, and even ordered a box of flanges in bulk because we had planned on building some pipe shelves in the living room {and they were way less expensive online}. Things have changed a bit and there is now a large gallery wall where the pipe shelves were going to go, but you will see what else we used the flanges on soon enough.

I feel like I wandered around hardware stores a little too long just trying to really figure out what was needed and how it all works. I saw a bunch of photos on pinterest, but it seems like every time I went to the store I had trouble finding exactly what I needed. It was super easy once I had everything I needed and was acclimated to using the pipe cutter, which was way easier than I expected! If I can use that thing, anyone can!


Here is what I used to make the industrial rail system, most of which I had leftover from my industrial pipe curtain rod {it’s the same supplies and set up}. I bought a lot of the pipe fittings in bags of 10 since I knew I would be using them for pipe rods throughout our house and on other random projects.

Materials Needed for DIY Gold Pipe Hanging Storage

  • (1) 10 ft. 1/2″ Copper Pipe – about $10
  • (5) Galvanized 1/2″ Floor Flanges – purchased online for less than $2 each
  • (4) Copper 90 Degree Elbows (I purchased a pack of 10 for $4
  • (1) Pressure Tee -about $1
  • (5) 1/2 inch x 1/2″ Copper Threaded Adapters (about $1.50 each)
  • Pipe Cutter – about $15
  • Gold Spray paint  -I used Rust-Oleum Metallics Gold Spray Paint
  • Screws (already had on hand)

If you would like to make your own pipe rail storage or pipe curtain rods here is a photo that may help you get what you need. All of these items were originally copper, but here they are spray painted gold. They actually look soooo pretty when the copper is cleaned up, but since I’m using gold in my office I decided to paint them. Side note: Be sure to spray them with a clear sealer afterwards so the paint doesn’t scratch off.



After lots of measuring {and using chalk to make marks on the wall so it would easily wipe off}, I put the first pipe rail up without knowing how I was going to hang my mason jars from them. I originally thought I could just use S hooks attached to wire, until I realized none of the S hooks I had on hand {or could easily find} were large enough to fit around the 1/2″ pipe. I actually put some magazines on the rail for a couple days while I waited for the perfect solution to come to me. I really wanted to be able to use items I already had on hand.

Although the magazines were up there just to fill the space, I actually really liked how they looked, so I decided to keep the top rack for magazines, which I enjoy switching out and the bottom rack for hanging jars.

One night I randomly came across some old curtain hooks purchased from Target a few years ago, and I realized that when I mixed them with another batch of {newer} Target curtain hooks I had the perfect hanging solution! I spray painted some mason jar lids turquoise and then tied some coral rope around the lid before screwing the lid back on.


I understand not everyone will have the same materials on hand, or even want to hang their jars this way, but I encourage you to “shop” your house to see what you can find.

I also had some wire baskets that I purchased from Pick Your Plum before our wedding that I also spray painted turquoise and hung on the rails.


Here are some photos of my gold pipe hanging storage, which I LOVE! Gotta admit that I still need to go through tons of bins to organize my stuff better, so the next time you see these they may be filled with something else…


Oh yeah, those gold scissors were once blue…and boring. They got a mini makeover along with my stapler and 3-hole puncher, and now they all match and are soooo much prettier! See here’s a before photo of the scissors:



Side Note: I found the gold Nate Berkus scissors on sale at Target for just $5 a week after posting this, so of course those have replaced my faux painted scissors.

Get organized with this DIY Gold Pipe Hanging Storage which is perfect for storing items in a small space, craft room or kitchen!


I love that my chalk and eraser are now hanging right next to my DIY Chalkboard!

diy-gold-industrial-chic-pipe-storage-hanging-storage-for-creative-workspace-upcycledtreasures copy

Get organized with this DIY Gold Pipe Hanging Storage which is perfect for storing items in a small space, craft room or kitchen!

Oh yeah I used my gold leafing pen to color in the screws afterwards to make them match, and it worked like a charm.

Get organized with this DIY Gold Pipe Hanging Storage which is perfect for storing items in a small space, craft room or kitchen!

Here are a couple updated photos of the space from my creative workspace tour:

Get organized with this DIY Gold Pipe Hanging Storage which is perfect for storing items in a small space, craft room or kitchen!

Get organized with this DIY Gold Pipe Hanging Storage which is perfect for storing items in a small space, craft room or kitchen!


  1. Ok, where do I start here? Apparently I hadn’t been to your actual site since the design updates (I was reading via my phone) and I’m really loving the new layout. Then, I’m dying over this GOLD rail system! It’s stunning. I love that you kept everything gold but used a few pops of color with different string and the baskets. So so fun. THEN!!!! The magazine, hello awesome! So much to comment on in this post, no wonder it took you so long to write! =)

    1. Thanks, Amy! Well my site still needs some work but I’m having trouble keeping up, so updating on top of that is making me feel exhausted just thinking about it! I feel like this whole month has been spent doing so much of the “backend” bloggy stuff and I seriously don’t know where the month went! Do you ever feel that way?

      I keep thinking “oh next week I’ll be caught up”. HAHA. I don’t know if I will ever catch up since I keep adding new things to my list. I definitely love my new creative office/studio though and it makes working that much more fun! Having a system in place that’s pretty makes me wanna stay organized too 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are able to make it to Haven, that would be awesome!

    1. Thank you Courtney! I loved having the mason jars hang from ribbon at our wedding and wanted to somehow incorporate a similar thing in my studio. I LOVE how the pops of turquoise and coral look against the gold. It’s the one space I can really do whatever I want 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks Summer! This really was soooo ridiculously easy and is super affordable, especially if you plan to use the materials on a few different projects. I’m a fan for sure and definitely recommend it! Can’t wait to see what you do!

  2. I love this! My favorite part is that you spray painted your scissors to match. Totally OCD and right up my alley. See you at Haven!

  3. I just love organizing projects that make a real impact and the use of the pipes for this project is terrific.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  4. I love everything you do. I wish you could come to my house and do a makeover. Thanks for sharing all your fun projects…it’s very inspiring.

  5. Yet ANOTHER project that just makes my jaw drop; I so much prefer your goldilocks rail to the black West Elm one…and the little baskets and golden scissors and dangling jars…it all is just so swoon-worthy. So proud to call you my bloggy buddy!

  6. I love this project so much!! I am sharing it tomorrow! So cool you were featured in the Reloved mag, I am in there for May!! That is my MOST favorite magazine. I hope they come out with an American version of it too.

  7. How adorable! To make it even easier–I think this can be done using the pre-fab rail system from IKEA that I’ve got hanging in my kitchen right now. The pipes are nearly identical with the circular end pieces. It’s certainly not as customizable as your version, but for the lazier individuals among us, this should work great! Off to buy some gold spray paint and glam up my kitchen…

  8. hi, I just saw these, over a year later–what do you do if you decide you want to add something to your rail, like another hanging mason jar, for instance? how do get it’s little ring on the pipe? do you have to disassemble the whole thing? thanks

  9. Just saw your site. Love it! Want to try some ideas slowly. Not sure how to incorporate yet.

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