Amazon Locker: Have you tried it?

Have you ever parked your RV at a location where you’re unable to get packages delivered? Before we began traveling in our RV we saw a video from Nomadic Fanatic talking about Amazon Locker, which is an interesting way to receive packages on the road.

We recently adopted a rescue puppy we named McNally (meet him here!), and during our visit to Manitou Springs, Colorado we realized we may have to carry him quite a bit during our adventures.

That’s when we decided to do something we never thought we would… buy a dog carrying backpack. We didn’t find any nearby that we liked or that weren’t ridiculously expensive, so we turned to our favorite online retailer, Amazon.

Over the last year we’ve been fortunate enough to receive packages directly to our location, and I’m sure we could have sent a package to the RV Repair Shop we’re currently at, but we wanted to give Amazon Locker a try. So we ordered a Pet Carrier and collapsible dog dishes through Amazon Prime and had them delivered to a nearby Amazon Locker.

Amazon Locker: Have you tried it?

For those that are new here, we recently left our sticks and bricks home to spend a year traveling in our RV. You can read more about us here. This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. View our full disclosure here.

You can check out the video of us using Amazon Locker for the first time below:

The process of using Amazon Locker is fairly simple. You can look up the closest locker to you here. Once you’ve selected a locker, you’ll need to add it to you address book. After that it’s a matter of doing your normal shopping, when checking out select the locker as the destination for delivery. 

Picking up from Amazon Locker

Traveling in your RV? Be sure to check out Amazon Locker for an easy way to get packages on the road.

At this point you’ve added the locker closest to you, and selected an item to be shipped to the locker. There are a few restrictions involved with what you can ship to the locker, check out the Amazon Locker Page for more details.

When it came to choosing a pet carrier for McNally a few options were ruled out because they couldn’t be shipped to the locker. Something to keep in mind.

Once you place your order you’ll get a confirmation email saying your package has been sent. Now it’s a waiting game.

Once it’s delivered you’ll receive an email with both a pick up code and a barcode that you’ll want to take with you to the locker location.

Once you arrive it’s as easy as entering the code or scanning the barcode you received. As soon as you do either the door at the locker with your package will swing open. You’ve just used Amazon Locker.

Things to Note

  • You have to pick up your package within 3 days of delivery.
  • Not all items can be shipped to the locker, there are restrictions such as size and weight.
  • Some locker locations are inside stores and may not be accessible 24/7.
  • Amazon Lockers are not located everywhere as of yet, so they may not be in your area.
  • You can also return items via the locker (which is pretty cool).

For more information on the lockers check out the Amazon Locker page. Once you follow that link there is more information on the left side bar.

Overall, we had a good experience using Amazon Locker and have already used it a few more times.

As for the pet carrier we purchased, McNally’s still getting used to it and we still crack up when we use it on hikes. With that said, it has definitely come in handy and I recommend getting one if you have a smaller dog or puppy that you plan to take out on long excursions.Heard of Amazon Locker? We ordered pet supplies while traveling in our RV and think it's a great option for receiving packages when you're on the road!

Not only did McNally get a carrier, but Kobe, one of our cats, got himself a new box, haha. If you watch the video at the top of this post you’ll see how quickly he claims the Amazon box as his own.

Heard of Amazon Locker? It's a great way to get packages delivered while you travel in your RV!

Have you heard of Amazon Locker or ever used them before? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section below. And it’s been a few weeks since we ordered the backpack and it looks like McNally may be outgrowing it here soon. If there’s a pet carrier you recommend using during hikes, we’d love to hear about that too!

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