diy coffee filter garland on wall

DIY Coffee Filter Garland

I <3 coffee, but I never realized how much I love coffee filters until I made some garland from them for our wedding. Who knew coffee filter garland could be...

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diy wedding invitations lace twine bows

DIY Rustic Wedding Invitations

Due to the amount of info I share about how I created our rustic wedding invitations, I thought it would be easier to split the posts up into several parts. In...

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DIY Yarn Clothespin Frame on guestbook table with vintage postcards ahandcraftedwedding photo

DIY Yarn Clothespin Frame

I recently had a reader ask how I put together the yarn frame to display the vintage postcards during our wedding reception. For those of you that don't know, we...

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Yarn Wrapped Vases

These yarn wrapped bottle vases are an easy project that are not only functional and pretty, but budget friendly as well. You can personalize your bottles {they don't have...

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how to make diy ribbon wedding wands

How to Make Ribbon Wedding Wands

There are tons of creative, fun, and safe alternatives to throwing rice at a wedding send-off. Today I am sharing a tutorial on how to make ribbon wedding wands, which...

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