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Does your TV take the spotlight in your living room, even when it’s turned off? Today I’m sharing some more photos of our family room so you can see how decorating around a TV changed our space.

Some of these items will likely be switched around come fall, so I wanted to show you what it looks like during the summer.

Decorating around a TV


We’re renting our home and opted not to have our flat screen mounted to the fireplace so instead, we have it sitting on a dresser I made over a couple of years ago. I LOVE using this dresser as a media console because there is TONS of storage for our remotes, games, pet toys, etc. It’s basically the perfect way to corral all the “crap” up and put it away.

I didn’t make any changes to the dresser to actually convert it into a media console because, to be honest I wasn’t sure if I’d want to use it as a dresser later on down the road. You may be shaking your head at the electronics we have sitting on top of the dresser, but either way, it works great for us!


As you may know, we have a MASSIVE gallery wall on the opposing wall of our TV and that only made this wall feel even more bare before I hung up some decor. However, I also didn’t want to make the room feel even busier so I tried to use larger scale items to fill up the space.

Here are some more photos, and then I will share some of the sources at the bottom of this post.





As you can see the walls are beige, VERY beige. Although it’s a pretty color it’s actually pretty dark in this room as a result, unless it’s extra sunny outside. I’ve contemplated painting the walls but I think it’s the high ceilings that have prevented it so far since we would need to pick up a ladder bigger than our step stool, ha. For this reason, I’ve really tried to add extra pops of color throughout the space.

DIY Abstract Painting 

Snake plant | Lowes

Basket for snake plant | HomeGoods

Chair – Thrifted find still awaiting transformation…

Colorful pillow on chair | Tuesday Morning

Lake Sign | HomeGoods

Wooden Oar | Tuesday Morning

Dresser/Media Storage – Craiglist Makeover

Ship Helm – Thrifted Find that I roped up and at one point used as a wreath

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant | Amazon

Pot for Fiddle Leaf Plant | HomeGoods

Orange Stool | Target Clearance

Pouf  | Tuesday Morning – we have 2 of these guys that we actually purchased as cat beds that double up as extra seating when we need it. They’re perfect for double duty! I originally planned to DIY some, but for $30 I decided they were worth the buy 🙂


Don’t forget to think outside the frame when it comes to decorating your walls and the space around your tv. We actually plan to use a TV lift in our RV, but that will be another post 🙂

Do you plan on decorating around a TV?