How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps

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How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps |

If you’re anything like me then you like to give your room a quick refresh every so often, especially as the seasons change. So you can imagine how excited I was to work with Shutterfly to add some new home decor accessories to our bedroom. Here are some quick tips to help you spruce up a room in your home.

How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps

1. Update throw pillows  Changing the color, texture, or pattern of the pillows in a room can change the feel of how a space feels. Don’t forget that zippered pillow covers can be your BFF so that you can easily re-cover existing pillows.

2. Update a throw blanket – True confession I am kinda obsessed with throw blankets. No really. It’s bad. But ya know what, a new throw blanket can add color, texture, and weight to a room that can make a huge impact, all while keeping you warm and cozy.

3. Add new candles – Not only do candles create an aroma that can relax you or transport you somewhere else like the beach or mountains, but they can also bring color and personality to a room as well!

One of my favorite aspects of using Shutterfly to create home decor is that you can fully customize the items you purchase. And you don’t have to stick to photos either. Did you know you can upload any high-resolution design onto their site?

The idea of being able to create a pillow or candle with virtually any design I could dream up is really exciting! Oh, the possibilities…

Although I’ll admit that I’m really looking forward to taking some scenic photos on our RV adventures so that I can use those on some future products.

However, this time around I wound up creating a design based on my DIY rug and Kilim-inspired pillow. I basically wanted something with a Southwest vibe. The truth is, that pillow I painted looks cute, but it’s not exactly soft so I was happy to get a new pillow with a similar design that I could actually lay on.

I also thought it would be fun to create a design for a woven blanket. I honestly struggled with what color to use and came up with 34573645873 mockups. I’m sorta stuck between summer and fall and have had a crush on orange as of late, so on a whim, I decided to go with orange and white. Here is what the items looked like all mocked up on the Shutterfly site. By the way, it’s really awesome that they show you how your product will look like before you order. I’m a visual kind of person so this is a great feature!

How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps |

I used Illustrator to create my designs but you could use any image editing software, use existing images, or even scan in drawings.

For the candle, I decided to use a watercolor version of one of my favorite photos from when Eric and I went kayaking in Tahoe. The image I had wasn’t high resolution and was kinda grainy, which is why I turned it into a watercolor image. Plus I love how it looks!

The candle smells soooooooooo good {it’s ocean breeze} and has 50 hours of burn time. I think these would make really nice gifts for holidays, weddings or a housewarming party, don’t you?

The pillow is super cute and I love that it’s double-sided and it has a zipper enclosure, yay! I decided to display the blue front for now. The blanket is AWESOME! First off, it’s exciting to have a blanket customized just for you. Not to mention it’s warm and heavy and the quality is beautiful!

What’s funny is that immediately after I ordered it in orange I thought, oh boy I can’t believe I ordered an orange blanket! I mean I like orange but wasn’t sure if I really wanted it on a big blanket. Well on the site it said that the color would print darker than the picture, but as it turns out it printed MUCH darker. Red in fact. I think this may have just been a happy accident because now it will come in handy around Christmas, but not only that I LOVE how the back turned out! It’s a dark teal so that’s actually the side I have displayed.

Here are some photos of our bedroom with the new updates:

How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps |

How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps |

How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps |

How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps |

Here is what the other side of the pillow looks like:

How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps |

How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps |

Oh and here is what the other side of the blanket looks like:

How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps |

It seems to be #catapproved.

How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps |

We still have a few projects in the works for our bedroom, but it’s definitely coming along. All of these photos are basically across from our copper pipe dresser and bedroom office nook, and I plan to show you the full room reveal soon.

Shutterfly is always having awesome deals so if you are looking to refresh a space in your home, be sure to check out their beautiful frames, wall decor, pillows, blankets and more!

Would you design your own home decor accessories?

How to Refresh a Space in 3 Easy Steps |

Product Sources:

60 x 80 Woven Blanket | 12 x 16 Double-Sided Pillow | 9 oz Candle

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  • I love that bedding! And new candles are the best!

    September 2, 2015
  • How cool that you can design your own blanket! That is so fun!

    September 2, 2015
  • I seriously NEED to put your tips into practice!! Love this space.

    September 3, 2015
  • So smart! I alway think small changes make the biggest different in space. Changing a candle its the easiest and smartest.

    XO, Destiny

    September 8, 2015

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