There are so many inspiring RV renovations out there these days, but I don’t see nearly as many Class A motorhomes. That’s why I’m so excited about today’s tour! It’s a 2017 Holiday Rambler Vacationer that was transformed into a stylish, modern motorhome.

This renovation comes from Ron and Shayna, the husband and wife duo behind Darlin’ Trailers, a renovation company that works with clients to create their dream home on wheels.


Modern Motorhome Renovation


2017 Holiday Rambler Vacationer


3 months


$13,000 in materials

“For this particular commissioned renovation, our primary objective was to add more storage in general, more food storage, create space and modernize the aesthetic.”

- @darlintrailers
modern motorhome renovation

What inspired you to renovate RV’s?

As full time RV-er’s, we quickly learned that our idea of function, comfort and style couldn’t be found on the lot of an RV dealer. So we endeavored to create something that uniquely fit our needs. What we discovered was that we fell in love with the whole process of RV renovation and began to do it for others.

renovated motorhome
motorhome renovation

What made you choose this specific motorhome to renovate?

We do commissioned renovations for clients who are drawn to our style and commitment to serve our clients. We are inspired by the challenges that come from all different types of RV’s and therefore are open to discuss many different kinds of projects.

renovated holiday rambler vacationer

How would you describe your decorating style?

Our style is fresh, earthy and minimalistic. We incorporate the timeless colors and textures found in nature and love to add architectural interest where we can.

renovated holiday rambler vacationer

What’s your favorite aspect of interior design?

Our favorite aspect of interior design is incorporating beautiful custom pieces that transforms spaces to function well for whom the space was designed.

renovated motorhome kitchen

Was this renovation inspired by anything or anyone specific?

Our renovations are inspired by the ideas, needs and wants of our clients. Often times, the more room they give us to be creative, the greater our ability to exceed their expectations.

modern motorhome renovation

What are your favorite places to source products and decor?

We source many of our decor items from major retailers like Amazon, IKEA, Walmart, At Home, etc…

holiday rambler vacationer kitchen renovation

What was most challenging about this motorhome renovation?

Doing demo for a project that isn’t having everything removed is an interesting challenge requiring a lot of preparation, thoughtfulness and a gentle hand. Since storage was so important in this renovation, every existing cabinet remained. Our redesign had to utilize the storage already there and then add more!

renovated holiday rambler vacationer

What project made the most difference?

The most impactful in functionality for our clients was definitely the addition of a second and larger pantry and the sliding storage system in the unused bottom bunk area.

holiday rambler vacationer bathroom renovation

What is your favorite piece of decor or splurge-worthy item that was incorporated into the interior?

I love the rug!

renovated holiday rambler vacationer

What piece of advice would you give someone about to embark on an RV renovation?

We advise people to be prepared to find water damage. Well-meaning people sell their RV’s saying, “It’s never leaked.” But the truth is that it isn’t “if” it will happen, but rather “when”. Being prepared to find water damage and repair it helps to not feel disappointed or discouraged. It’s all part of the renovation process.

holiday rambler vacationer bathroom renovation
holiday rambler vacationer bathroom renovation

Do you have a favorite RV destination or camping spot?

We favor national and state parks. They are always beautiful, clean, offer many amenities and are affordable.

Do you take on custom renovation projects or offer design consulting?

We do! We have done travel trailers to big 5th wheels to vintage Airstreams to Class A rigs.

renovated holiday rambler vacationer

Anything else you’d like to mention about this RV renovation?

Our clients have taken to extended vacations on the road as a way of spending quality time together and building memories. This is their long-term plan for fun and adventure as a family.

They were looking to enhance their road life experience with some of the comforts of home. They wanted a place to kick their feet up at the end of the day, a place to set down a book and cup of tea, family meals together, much more storage and better use of the storage they already had.

We were set on a mission to achieve these objectives and bring this drab, all-brown interior into something visually interesting and more reflective of their personal styles, having an emphasis on light and bright, lighter wood tones, and colors and textures found in nature.

This entirety of the interior renovation, along with two major water damage repairs, took three months to complete. Demo, fresh paint, new floors, updated furniture, new kitchen and bathroom fixtures, sinks and countertops were all a part of the work.

During the course of a renovation, our clients become like friends. We get to know them which allows us to accomplish our mission in ways that are personal to them. We do that through special projects.

Some of the special projects we created for this redesign included custom shaker style door and drawer fronts throughout, a second pantry, a built in banquette with storage and a reconfigured wardrobe with built-ins. We also designed a sliding storage system that maintained the function of the bottom bunk, but most importantly, preserved the egress access in the event of an emergency.

This family is currently gearing up for their next extended trip. We are so excited for the opportunities they’ll have together to explore new places and discover new adventures in their newly redesigned home on wheels.

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