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Ann, an interior designer, and Tom, a general contractor, are a couple with a passion for all things design, camping, dogs, and wine.

I love how they’ve been able to combine their passions through remodeling RVs, and what was once a fun hobby has quickly turned into a side business.

Today we’re taking a peek inside their latest remodel, a 2008 Thor Jazz 5th Wheel. Not only is the interior absolutely beautiful, but it’s been fully upgraded and even comes equipped with a custom wine/coffee bar. Not too bad for a home on wheels.


2008 Thor Jazz 2780BH

2008 Thor Jazz 2780BH

What inspired you to renovate RV’s?

Long story short, I have been an Interior Designer for over 20 years, and Tom a General Contractor for about 30…we love what we do but after all this time we both have gotten a bit burnt out on the business…that said we both live and breath design/build so when we got our first RV together (I was a tent camper up until then but Tom had RV camped since he was a kid) we just could not help starting to fix everything that was poorly designed and not our style.

We absolutely LOVED working together on our campers, making the spaces functional and beautiful. It became our “hobby” on weekend and weeknights when we did not go camping.

Remodeling campers gives us the freedom and joy to do what we love on our own terms. Up until now we remodeled our own campers that we ended up selling after we used them for a bit, but we got so many requests from people wanting a renovated camper that we took a leap and got this 2008 Jazz to renovate with the intention to sell it (it’s now sold). We could not be happier if renovating campers was our full time jobs but for now it is something we do because we enjoy it.

2008 Thor Jazz 2780BH
2008 Thor Jazz 2780BH

What made you choose this specific Thor Jazz 5th wheel to renovate?

This is the same model as our last personal RV that we renovated was, we really liked the space it had and the only reason we sold it was that we wanted to get back in to a toy hauler again. We actually set out to look for a different floor plan but we found this 2008 Jazz and it was in such good shape structurally that we decided to go for it.

Thor 5th wheel before reno
fifth wheel renovation

How long did the renovation take?

About 10 weekends and some evenings after work.

RV before
Thor Kitchen renovation
5th wheel kitchen renovation

How would you describe your decorating style?

We start with the function of a space, build on that to come up with the style/look we want to create.

RV before
renovated RV

Was this RV renovation inspired by anything specific?

Not in particular, we demoed it to see what we had to work with and went form there. I love the wine/coffee bar with the TV, radio and also an electric fireplace that we were able to add by reconfiguring the old entertainment section. Even tho we had done the same model before the systems etc. was not located in the same spots so in this one we ended up with more free space to build. By reconfiguring that space we also created a well needed storage cabinet on the bathroom (behind the flat screen TV.)

RV before
RV remodel

What’s your favorite aspect of interior design?

Hard to say, it is just something I do in most every situations lol. I just love improving and making spaces better and more functional and of course nicer looking.

RV bedroom before reno
Thor bunkhouse

What are your favorite places to source products and decor?

Mostly online , but i also like going to Home Goods for decor.

What was most challenging about this Thor Jazz renovation?

That we did not have as much time to set aside for renovating so it took longer than we wanted, also the crazy market in construction right now with material prices shooting through the roof and long lead times on materials.

RV wine bar
RV before
remodeled Thor Jazz

What project made the most difference?

Function-wise it is the kitchen – we rebuilt the kitchen cabinets and changed the layout. We gained both counter space and storage space. One thing that drives me nuts is the lack of toe-kicks in campers, so of course, we added them by the sink so you can stand more comfortably while you do dishes. Looks-wise, I love the look when we bring cabinets all the way to the ceiling, it makes the space feel so much taller. Tom built these cabinets lightweight and sturdy by making “panels” out of 1/4′ board and a framework of supports instead of plywood that can get heavy if you use too much of it.

Thor kitchen renovation

What is your favorite piece of decor or splurge-worthy item that was incorporated into the interior?

The bar area, it is not a splurge item (but it did take extra time to build) we have incorporated a wine bar or wine storage area in every renovation we have done. This one has a wine rack that holds 9 bottles. We built the wine storage the same way in our last camper and we travel with wine in the wine rack no problem. I love the multifunction use the bar area have, it gives extra countertop space, can be a coffee bar in the morning and a wine bar in the evening.

Thor renovation
RV before

What piece of advice would you give someone about to embark on an RV renovation?

Take your time and if possible use the RV before you start renovating, that way you know what you need to improve or change. Pay attention to the details! The decor is easy and can be changed but the basic function/layout you want to get right from the start.

RV before
Thor Jazz bathroom
Thor Jazz bathroom

Where would your dream RV vacation be?

ohhhh that is so hard to answer…

I’m from Sweden and came here in my 20’s, before I came here i moved and traveled around all over Europe for 7 years, but I have only seen a few states of the US in my 20 something years here? My dream vacation would be to travel the US with Tom in our RV and have the time to explore all the amazing and beautiful nature. Tom might say his dream vacation is to travel Europe.

RV before
Thor Jazz bathroom

Are you taking on clients?

Up until now we have not taken on client owned projects, we get asked a lot about that and we are actually looking to see if we can find the “right” client out there.

Thor Jazz bathroom

Most asked about product sources:

I try to answer most questions we get on IG,FB and in messages but it is getting very hard to keep up with that. I certainly need to up my skills on the tech side of thing so it wont take me so darn long lol.

Thor Jazz bedroom

Want to learn more about this RV?

You can watch the video tour of this Thor Jazz 5th Wheel below!

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This renovated Thor Jazz 5th Wheel includes a wine barThis renovated Thor Jazz 5th Wheel includes a wine barThis renovated Thor Jazz 5th Wheel includes a wine barThis renovated Thor Jazz 5th Wheel includes a wine barThis renovated Thor Jazz 5th Wheel includes a wine barThis renovated Thor Jazz 5th Wheel includes a wine barThis renovated Thor Jazz 5th Wheel includes a wine barThis renovated Thor Jazz 5th Wheel includes a wine barThis renovated Thor Jazz 5th Wheel includes a wine bar


  1. What you have done with this re-do is wonderful, but my question is; is this re-do for a trailer that will be sitting in a park/campground on a permanent basis? I don’t know how well the finishes you used would stand up to a road trip. Just a question that came to mind while looking at the photos. Thanks for your time.

    1. Thank you Jacqueline! This camper is remodeled for camping, we just delivered it to its new owners about 1200 mile trip 🙂

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Can you share the paint brand name and the color gray on the kitchen cabinets. Thank you.

  3. What did you put on the edge of the slider?

    We just installed laminate flooring and are looking for something to trim the edge with?

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