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Could your RV Shower use an upgrade? Does the water pressure suck or are you looking for something more eco-friendly?

Our RV shower head and hose were in rough shape, so we finally decided it was time for an upgrade.

In our case the water pressure was good, but the showerhead and hose started to break down. Our hose would leak and the settings on the shower head quit working one at a time until the only one left was a single jet. Yeah, definitely time for an upgrade.

Could your RV shower use an upgrade? Come see how easy it is to replace your RV shower head and hose, plus find out if the EcoCamel Jetstorm is worth it! MountainModernLife.com

How to Replace Your RV Shower Head and Hose

If you’re looking to replace the shower head or hose in your RV, the good news is this is an easy upgrade anyone can do. Check out the video below where I walk through the process of replacing our RV shower head and hose with the EcoCamel Jetstorm:

Switching to the EcoCamel Jetstorm

The previous owner of our RV had installed an Oxygenics showerhead, one of the most highly recommended companies to purchase from when it comes to RV shower heads, mainly because of the water pressure and ability to shut the water off during the shower to conserve water. If you google RV showerheads or read up on them in RV forums or groups, chances are, you’ll hear mostly good things about Oxygenics and not much else about other brands.

While we liked the showerhead (back when it was actually functioning correctly) the hose sucked. It was made of cheap plastic, really stiff, and mostly got in the way. Since we would need to replace both the showerhead and the hose we started looking at other options. Sure, we could go with an Oxygenics kit, but we wanted to see what other options were out there. That’s when we came across EcoCamel and really loved their design and pricing so we decided to give them a try. In case you’re wondering, their showerheads can also be used in a sticks and bricks home.

We’re in no way affiliated with EcoCamel, we just did our research and liked what they had to offer so we elected to go this route.

Could your RV shower use an upgrade? Come see how easy it is to replace your RV shower head and hose, plus find out if the EcoCamel Jetstorm is worth it! MountainModernLife.com

Our New Setup

We purchased the Jetstorm Handheld option because it’s what they recommend for RV’s, but later realized the Jetstorm Plus is also recommended for RVs and has multiple stream settings, whereas the Handheld only has one. Now that we’ve used this shower head I can say the pressure is awesome and we have no complaints but had we realized it at the time, we probably would have purchased the Plus since it’s only $10 more and includes 3 spray settings. Just something for you to consider.

As it turns out, EcoCamel uses what’s called AirCore technology where pressurized air mixes with the water to give you more pressure using less water. Pretty cool.

Along with purchasing the Jetstorm shower head, we also purchased the stainless steel chrome-plated flexi-hose, shutoff valve, and super power suction cup shower head holder.

What’s awesome about the suction cup is we can install it anywhere in our shower, and have the option to easily move it later on if we want without drilling any holes. I do want to mention that we added this to our cart directly from the “RV Owners” page, and thought we were ordering the Adjustable Shower Head Holder, but it’s not. So if you want to have your suction cup holder be adjustable, be sure to add that from the Products page, and not the RV Owners Page.

Could your RV shower use an upgrade? Come see how easy it is to replace your RV shower head and hose, plus find out if the EcoCamel Jetstorm is worth it! MountainModernLife.com

Total Cost

Our setup cost $58.01, including a 25% off coupon they were offering at the time and free shipping, which we found is pretty comparable to the Oxygenics Shower Kits. One thing to note is EcoCamel is located in the UK and said shipping could take up to seven days. We’re typically pretty impatient but decided it was worth the wait. Our package arrived in six which wasn’t that big of a deal. Their customer support was also good at responding to our emails pretty quick.

Is the EcoCamel Jetstorm worth it?

Now that we’ve had a chance to use our new shower setup, we absolutely recommend going this route if you’re looking to update your RV shower head and hose.

It’s lightweight, the pressure is great, as is the coverage, and the shut-off valve is easy to use.

To be honest, the pressure and wide stream is so awesome that I was nervous to test how much water it was using. After running a test, it came out to using just 1.5 gallons of water per minute. Not too bad. I’m guessing this is a mixture of the low flow regulator, along with the AirCore Technology that they use. We were definitely happy to see that we could have an amazing shower and conserve water at the same time. It doesn’t hurt that install was a breeze and it looks much better than out outdated shower setup.

You can check out EcoCamel’s website to see if it’s right for you, or find Oxygenics shower head options over on Amazon.

We also updated our RV Shower Faucet – check out that post and video here!

If you have a shower head setup that you absolutely love we’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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Could your RV shower use an upgrade? Come see how easy it is to replace your RV shower head and hose, plus find out if the EcoCamel Jetstorm is worth it! MountainModernLife.com
How to Replace Your RV Shower Head and Hose


  1. I just upgraded to the oxygenics shower head this winter (final testing coming after the cold Alaskan winter subsides). Now I’m wishing I had waited a few more weeks. Your showerhead looks fantastic!

  2. Wow, your EcoCamel setup is beautiful and is now on my wish list. Just pinned it! 🙂

  3. Hey Katie and Eric!

    Thank you for the recommendation’s! We ordered the EcoCamel Jetstorm shower head with shutoff, chrome plated flexi hose and the adjustable shower head holder. Installation was a breeze like you said and the water pressure is great! I do have a question for you. Did you just stick your shower head holder up using the suction or did you attach it some other way? I know you do not have the adjustable (we do) but our’s won’t stay up. I have cleaned the shower wall several times with rubbing alcohol but it just wont stay up. Last time I tried to take a shower with it, it only stayed up for about a minute, just long enough to hit me in the face as it all came crashing down. Help a newbie out, lol! TYIA.

    1. Hey Shelly, I’m glad the water pressure and setup was easy, but I’m sorry to hear the suction cup won’t stay on the wall. we have ours up by just the suction cup and have a large shower caddie hanging from it and haven’t had any problems with it falling. It did fall once when we were driving down the road but other than that it’s stayed in place. I’m trying to think of another way to attach it but am drawing a blank with it being in the shower. I wonder if you could send a message to EcoCamel, and ask them if they have any suggestions? I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, but if you do find a solution please let us know.

  4. Determining the right time to replace or repair my showerhead used to be a challenge. However, coming across this blog was more than a blessing. The blog has a lot to offer to every homeowner.

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