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Creating a dedicated workspace, whether for work or hobbies, can sometimes be a challenge, especially when you’re dealing with less than 300 square feet. Fortunately, there are creative solutions available whether you’re a digital nomad, or simply in need of space-saving solutions.

These 20 mobile office solutions prove you don’t need a ton of space to work from home, even if that home is on the road. Be sure to check out the links below each image to learn more about the digital nomads who created these inspiring workspaces.

20 mobile office solutions

expanding desk inside RV

DIY Expandable Table (ours)

After being inspired by European telescoping tables, Eric and I made our own expandable table for the RV that could double as our desk. You can learn more about how we built it, and the changes we would make here.

DIY Expandable Table Tutorial

creative van conversion desk


This van interior was designed by two product designers and is filled with clever details, including the small pantry door that folds down to create a desk on the fly.

“Our trusty table; the centre of our van, both figuratively and literally. Made from an old pallet we scavenged from a skip at work, it’s now got a pretty important second life.

Our knees don’t like table legs much, so we designed something that could float above our legs, but still take the weight of our meals, our elbows and our laptops. Small chains and leather tabs hold it upright and keep all of our kitchenware secure on the bumpiest roads, but also allow us to remove it entirely and install it in its other position, for cooking outside. We can still use the table when the bed is set up, which means we pretty much use this thing whenever we’re in the van; to eat, to work, to watch films. It’s quickly become our most treasured thing we’ve built in this little home” – @whoknowswherenext

Creative RV desk idea

Photo Credit: Amy Burnett Sargent

If you think you have zero space for a mobile office, think again. This couple came up with a super creative solution by utilizing vertical space inside their C-class. In case you’re wondering, they removed the chair wheels to prevent sliding.

“Loving our remote office we created in the over-the-cab bunk area of our Class C. Lots of space for work and easy to disassemble for travel!”

– Amy Burnett Sargent

boho rv office design


LeeAnn was able to convince her hubby to transition to tiny life by creating this incredible office dedicated to his gaming. It’s crazy to think this creative space is the slide-out of an RV that once included an outdated dining table.

“This is where the magic happens … and by magic, I mean Magic The Gathering .. yes, I have a guy who likes to game. This desk setup was how I convinced him to make the change to tiny living.” – @leeannieblivin

Airstream office with Mac attached to wall


This vintage Airstream designed by Matthew Hoffman several years ago shows how a simple dining booth can easily double as a desk. The swingarm mount allows the monitor to be stored against the wall, or extended when being used. Matthew and his wife, Joanna, have since created Living Vehicle, an innovative company that creates luxury trailers designed for full-time living off the grid.

modern rv office inspiration


Ashlin and her husband lived in this renovated 5th wheel back when they were building their second home. A narrow table was utilized as a desk while homeschooling their 3 boys but could easily be moved for extra surface space when needed.

“I have been loving this look nook desk area. It is the perfect spot for our boys to sit and learn but still be able to enjoy looking outside. We originally were going to use this space for bunks but I’m really glad we didn’t.”

– @whitehousemuddyfeet

Desk on drawer slides in RV


This sliding desk solution is so simple, easily customizable, and can double the workspace you need in a matter of seconds.

“We have had the Hover X for a couple of years and have used it as a lap desk on the bed for a long time. After adding some low profile heavy duty drawer slides to the bottom and fastening it to the top of the dresser, it slides out to the perfect height of an office chair. When not in use it locks back in place and stores securely on top of the dresser.

If it continues to work well, the plan will be to paint it white and re-attach it. If you want you could easily use MDF or Plywood from Lowes or something, but since we had this desk already, we used it.” – @our1chance

Sewing Studio inside bus conversion


A mobile office doesn’t require a computer. Sarah has created an amazing sewing studio inside her 40′ converted school bus, where she makes one-of-a-kind custom hats for her company, Hec studio.

van conversion mobile office


You don’t need a big office to run a company. Lexi, a business and mindset coach, runs her online business from their sprinter van, and many webinars have been held at this little desk. It’s also where she launched Work from Wherever Academy.

Mobile office setup in RV bunkhouse


I love how Allison and Chris reimagined their RV bunkroom and half bath into a second office nook. And they did it all for $30!

“Currently this is my most occupied room. I teach in here, I learn in here, I journal in here, all the things.” – Allison Clyde

Airstream office inspiration


This couple used removable metal legs from Floyd Detroit to create a simple, yet beautiful table inside their Airstream. I love the innovative design that lends itself to both temporary or more permanent solutions.

“Our sometimes dining table, sometimes desk, sometimes the wood that allows our couch to extend into a guest bed” – Grace Kuhn


Freedom Vans created this custom conversion known as “Fred” for clients who needed a space to work and eat while enjoying their home on the road. The best part about this small table is how it can easily be stored away when not in use. It’s easy to see what this van lacks in space, it more than makes up for in style and functionality.

corner mobile desk in travel trailer


Brittany and her family temporarily moved into a renovated travel trailer on land they purchased to build their dream home. A corner that could have easily been overlooked was instead transformed into a functional office nook.

Folding tray used as RV desk

Folding Tray (ours)

Occasionally Eric will take out this folding tray and make the sofa his office for the day. It’s nice to have options, especially when we don’t feel like using our expanding desk, which practically takes up the entire living room. This is essentially a glorified TV tray, but you can find stylish desks that fold up when not in use or use a C-shaped table depending on your sofa.

boho rv office setup


How dreamy is this boho-inspired space? This mobile office belongs to Shelby, who teaches ESL online to children in China from the comforts of her 5th wheel.

Rv mobile desk ideas


Clara is still renovating her 1986 Winnebago but already has a mobile office setup. This photo shows how the kitchen counter can double as a desk when cooking isn’t taking place.

Space saving desk idea for RV


Before selling their RV, Caiti and her husband enjoyed traveling in their tiny home on wheels. One of my favorite projects from their remodel is the custom sofa. It was originally built for the kid’s car seats so they could be buckled in when driving down the road, but it can be used for storage AND transforms into a desk area.

mobile workspace setup inside RV


If you’re worried about how to store your iMac while traveling down the road, you may want to take a cue from The Tillmans. Before selling their home on the road for one in the woods, they secured their computer with the Kensington SafeDome lock.

“They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. For us, this spot right here is where we collectively spend he most time. This is where we work, where we homeschool, where we record music. Move those keyboards aside and this also where we eat. To be fair though – just turn around and you’re in the kitchen, so the saying probably still rings true.”

– Toni Tillman

rv mobile office ideas


When your home is an RV, your office often comes with a changing view. A foam cushion easily transforms this dashboard into a makeshift office… as long as your pets are willing to share it with you.

DIY Modular Desk (ours)

We created this DIY modular desk in our RV bedroom in order to create a more “permanent” solution for my 27″ desktop computer. What I love most about this mobile office design is how the desk can be used in 3 different configurations, depending on who is using it and how. You can find the tutorial here.

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20 mobile office solutions created by digital nomads20 mobile office solutions created by digital nomads20 mobile office solutions created by digital nomads20 mobile office solutions created by digital nomads20 mobile office solutions created by digital nomads20 mobile office solutions created by digital nomads20 mobile office solutions created by digital nomads

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