rustic and refined nursery nook mood board

Our Nursery Nook Moodboard

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Baby boy will be here within a couple of weeks, and I’m happy to say his nursery nook is ready-to-go. I plan to share a reveal soon, but until then I wanted to share our nursery nook moodboard to show you the vibe we’re going for.

My goal has been to create a space that feels cozy and calming, gender-neutral, rustic yet refined, and has outdoorsy-charm without being overly theme-y. Basically a mix of all the nursery inspiration I’ve been sharing recently. I also wanted to invest in some pieces that can grow with him, or be moved into other spaces over time.

We’re currently renting, with plans to move in the next 6 months, so rather than create a separate nursery, we decided to split up our master bedroom (which is pretty big) and create a separate nursery nook for him instead. We plan on him sleeping in the same room as us for the first 6 months anyway, so we thought this made the most sense. Not to mention our master bedroom is probably the same size as our entire RV!

Thankfully, our landlord doesn’t mind if we tackle some some DIY projects, so we were able to install a board and batten accent wall, which has given the room so much more character and color. We felt good spending a little money on the space to make it feel beautiful and relaxing, even if we will only be here temporarily.

You can check out our nursery nook moodboard below, along with details and product links.

gender-neutral nursery nook moodboard

About this Nursery Moodboard/Product Links

Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore: Pinelands/ Sherwin Williams: Alabaster

1. Snoo Bassinet from Happiest Baby (also available on Amazon) – I’ve known I wanted to get this bassinet for a couple years now, and reviews from friends helped seal the deal. The price has gone up since I first learned about it, but we decided to buy used off FB marketplace, and plan to re-sell it once we’re finished using it. I especially like that this doesn’t take up a lot of space, and just pray our baby takes to it. Only time will tell!

If you plan to buy new, I recommend adding it to your baby registry and keeping an eye on discounts – sometimes it goes on sale and then you may be able to add your 15% registry completion discount on top of the sale price. It’s also available to rent or buy used from Happiest Baby directly, but we figured it would cost us less to buy used locally, and then re-sell it. I did ask the seller for the serial number before we went to look at it, then contacted Happiest Baby’s support line to make sure it wasn’t stolen and that all was good with the history. We also had the seller demonstrate that everything worked before purchasing.

2. Plaid Pillow – I knew I wanted to add some plaid into this space, and am sooooooo thankful that plaid has become so popular over the past couple of years. While this annoyed me at first (I sometimes hate when things I like become too trendy), this trend has actually made it easier to find home decor in plaid fabrics, which has also helped with price points. However, because we want this nursery nook to feel like an extension of our bedroom, I didn’t want anything that would compete with the “other side” of the room, and have opted to use plaid sparingly, like in a pillow for my glider. I didn’t buy the pillow linked here, but my mom did make a similar one for the space using material from an old Ikea blanket (it matches the pillow she made for our bed). She has actually made A LOT of things for this nursery nook, not to mention clothing, rattles, and blankets, which I’m soooooo grateful for!

3. Namesake Crew Recliner in Boucle (also on Amazon) – I recently shared 5 glider/recliners I was considering, but ultimately went with the Namesake Glider/Recliner in the boucle fabric, and I’m OBSESSED with it! It kept going out of stock so I’m sooooo happy I was able to catch it during a re-stock and get it delivered in time. I was also able to buy it from Target which allowed me to use my 15% registry completion discount (they also have a decent return policy). It’s been on and off Amazon, so you may be able to use your registry discount there as well.

4.Jellycat Cocoa Teddy Bear – We’re going for more of a woodland/outdoorsy/national park “theme”, and let me say this is the cutest teddy bear! With that said, it’s not organic or Oeko-Tex certified, or non-toxic. While I’ve come across some companies that focus on non-toxic plushies, they are still far and few between and finding a “traditional” teddy bear that’s not filled with plastic is hard to come by (although Bears for Humanity is a great option!). This is another reason my mom has made our baby some toys and plushies, including an adorable moose snuggler.

5. Rustic Barn wood Frames with these prints from Etsy – I love these barn wood frames from Hobby Lobby, and have them in a few different sizes. I purchased the 13×19 size frames for the nursery nook when they were on sale for 50% off. In an ideal world, this nook would have a lot more reclaimed wood, but since we’re renting I decided it would be more cost effective to bring in natural wood through small accents (instead of as an accent wall, which I was originally considering). I wanted the prints to be outdoorsy and whimsical, and to give a nod to National parks without being too “themey”. After spending waaaaaaay too much time browsing Etsy, I ultimately chose to keep it simple with these evergreen tree sketches and had printed from Walgreens.

6. Wall Scones paired with these Rechargeable Light Bulbs – I knew we would want some additional light on the main accent wall of the nursery nook, and that the “magic light” trick would be the perfect solution. (If you’re unfamiliar with the “magic light” trick, it’s basically using a puck light or rechargeable light bulb inside a lamp or wall sconce, meaning no electrical outlet or wiring is required, and it can be controlled using a remote.) The rechargeable light bulbs we bought don’t have the longest working time (4-22 hours depending on brightness), but I bought another set and still preferred these due to the color options, brightness, and lack of funky shadows cast on the ceiling. We plan to use them sparingly, vs several hours at a time so they should work fine, but I guess we’ll see.

7. Storage baskets – I’m using an older storage cart from World Market in the space, and will need some baskets to help keep items corralled and organized. I like how these baskets are natural and can go with just about any decor.

8. Leander Matty Changing Mat – I spent WAY too much time researching wipeable changing mats over the last few months, and while this is definitely considered a “luxury” item, I was convinced it would be worth the splurge. I guess I’ll find out soon enough! Despite the popularity of the Keekaroo Peanut and Hatch changing mats, I kept being drawn back to the Leander Changing mat in Cappucino, and even bought the antique dresser (mentioned below) because I knew this changing mat could fit on top.

9. Floating Picture Ledge Bookshelves – What nursery would be complete without a space for books? While I like the idea of Montessori-style shelves in the future, we chose to incorporate floating shelves to display books or toys for the time being. And while there are a ton of budget-friendly options out there (like the ones shown and linked here), we chose to make our own from reclaimed wood, and I’m so glad we did. The reclaimed wood brings character and history to the space and someday we can tell the little guy that we picked out the wood and made the shelves just for him.

10. Mushroom Storage Basket – Mushroom decor has grown in popularity over the years, and I love the playful-ness it brings to a nursery. I didn’t buy the one linked here, but did find a really cute mushroom basket at HomeGoods (for WAY less) that we are using. I’m still not entirely certain what it will be used for – dirty clothes, toys, extra blankets? Either way, it’s a whimsical way to keep things organized.

11. Antique Dresser – this is actually the first thing I bought for the nursery nook. I knew I wanted something vintage to help bring character to the space, and prevent it from looking too matchy-matchy. As soon as I came across this dresser on FB marketplace I knew it was perfect!

12. Braided Wool Rug – I may be crazy for wanting a cream-colored rug in a nursery (not to mention with 2 dogs!), but I wanted something soft and cozy that could brighten up the dark floors in the room. I also wanted to separate the nursery nook from the rest of the master bedroom, while allowing it to still look and feel cohesive. So far I’ve been really happy with this rug. It doesn’t shed as much as I thought, and thanks to the dogs, I’ve already had practice spot cleaning, which has worked great so far.

13. Round Wood/Metal Side Table – I figure a table next to the glider would come in handy, but wanted something minimal and round to balance out the straight lines in the space. The table shown in the moodboard is from Target but I was able to find a very similar-ish one at HomeGoods.

Alright, those are some of the main pieces we are incorporating into our nursery nook. I know the moodboard may look too beige/boring for a nursery to some, but I really love how it’s come together. Be sure to check back soon for the reveal!

Our Nursery Nook Moodboard

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  1. I literally never comment on any of the blogs/sites I follow, but I felt compelled to comment on your moodboard. I am so in love with it — it is so beautiful and tasteful and calming, and the rustic touches are perfect. If I was pregnant with a baby boy, I’d totally copy it, item for item.😊 Good luck with everything… can’t wait to follow along when baby comes.