Navajo-Inspired Wall Art

We may be living in a tiny home on wheels, but that doesn't keep me from working on projects, or changing up the decor every so often. Today I'm sharing how...

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How to Make Mountain Wall Art

We recently shared our tiny RV kitchen remodel, and I've received a lot of questions about the mountain wall art we hung up above the stove. I'm here to tell you...

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DIY Rustic Modern Shelves

Do you ever find yourself overthinking a project in order to make it more original? Only once you have an idea it's not exactly what you had in mind and...

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Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall

Don't you just love gallery walls? They are such a fun way to show off not only photos, but interesting objects, digital prints, and other artwork or projects you've created...

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budget friendly wall art watercolor tahoe print

How to Make a Large Wall Hanging

I love trees and I don't care who knows it! Seriously though there is something so serene and beautiful about trees, and I've always had this fascination with them. My...

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gallery wall filled with DIY projects

Massive Gallery Wall

This is an older post, you can view the updated photos here, along with tips to create your own massive gallery wall! Who doesn't love gallery walls? I know that every...

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printable gold foil creativity is contagious pass it on quote

DIY Gold Foil Wall Art

The right tools can make your projects easier, faster, more efficient, and best of all more fun to create. With that said, my absolute favorite crafting tool to date is hands...

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DIY Modern Rustic Wall Hanging

I am soooo excited to have recently teamed back up with 5 super creative bloggers to bring you another round of inspired DIY projects! We started this series last year and...

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how to frame plywood art

How to Frame Plywood Wall Art

I recently shared how you can create large scale wall art on a budget, and today I'm sharing how to frame plywood wall art with a rustic modern feel. Framing Options for...

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