How to Remove Your RV Kitchen Sink |

How to Remove Your RV Kitchen Sink

Are you thinking about updating the standard kitchen sink that came installed in your RV? While our RV kitchen sink was in decent condition, we figured a single basin sink would...

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Custom RV Sofa – Part 1

Have you ever had a vision in your head of a piece of furniture that would be perfect for your home, only you have trouble actually finding it, at a price...

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Looking for ways to update the RV engine access cover? Check out how we made this custom RV doghouse cover for our 2008 Tiffin Allegro Open Road 32LA!

Custom RV Doghouse Cover

Before Eric and I even began installing the new flooring in our RV, we started looking up options on how to recover the hump located in-between the captain's chairs, otherwise...

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How to Replace RV Flooring

As you may already know, we are in the midst of transforming our (new to us) RV into a rustic modern motorhome before we hit the open road in July....

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